Expedition Surabaya Banjarmasin

Expedition Surabaya Banjarmasin


expedition surabaya banjarmasin – who wouldn’t be annoyed if the package or item ordered arrived late? Many factors influence the reasons why your goods arrive late, for example due to factors in the field.

The cities of Surabaya and Banjarmasin are about 1,407 kilometers if measured by Google maps, with long distances, of course the travel time will be very long, then what if you get an order from Surabaya to Banjarmasin?

Of course, you have to find a delivery service that can help you deliver your goods on time, but sometimes your goods don’t arrive due to unexpected things, so how can you prevent that? You have to know the reason why your item arrived late.

1. Causes of late goods delivery on Surabaya-Banjarmasin trip

Actually there are many factors that cause goods to be delivered late by the expedition service, from many factors we will discuss from the road factor:

1.1 Driver stuck in traffic

Have you ever seen drivers or courier services for expeditions stuck in traffic jams on the highway, traffic jams may be difficult to avoid but you can really try to reduce this by choosing a courier service that understands travel routes well.

Mitralogistics can be your choice because we have young and competent drivers who know the roads well so your goods will arrive on time.

1.2 Drivers are caught in a flood or are flooded

Have you ever checked the receipt and it turns out that the receipt says “the package failed to be delivered because it was trapped in a flood” as a result your item arrived late, then how do you reduce the possibility of drivers getting stuck in a flood?

Choose a pick-up service on the spot, with a pick-up service on-site you can definitely pick up your goods at the shipping office without having to worry about waiting for the driver to be late sending them due to flooding.

Mitralogistics has a pick-up delivery service, namely door to port and port to port services, which of course is economical. Both of these services are cheaper than door to door services.

1.3 Drivers become victims of traffic accidents

Accidents can happen anywhere and anytime, being a traffic victim is something that everyone cannot avoid. Including drivers in the event of an accident, the thing we are most worried about is whether our goods are damaged or lost.

For this reason, it is necessary to use insurance services to be able to reduce the impact of losses in the event of a traffic accident, Mitralogistics works with insurance companies who can help guarantee the protection of your goods.

1.4 The goods do not fit

Isn’t it sad if your goods fail to arrive because it turns out that the car or truck carrying your goods is full and can’t fit anymore, as a result your goods are left just like that and waiting for the next schedule.

So how do you prevent that from happening? You have to choose an expeditionary service that has a large and large fleet, Mitralogistics can be your choice because we have connected more than 150 business partners in the field of shipping services who are members of the Indonesian Cargo Entrepreneurs Association (IPCN), which of course we already have access to the most complete fleet.

2. expedition surabaya banjarmasin

Everyone definitely wants to send different items, of course, an expedition service is needed that can send all types of goods. As a citizen of the city of Surabaya or the people of the city of Banjarmasin, you certainly need the services of a Surabaya to Banjarmasin expedition that can support all of these things.

Mitralogistics can be the main choice for you because we prioritize all expedition needs with inter-island shipping throughout Indonesia. we have representatives spread across major cities and we have the most complete service that you can try.

As for our shipping services that are best sellers, are Services:


  • Surabaya banjarmasin Delivery Service Via Land
    Shipping services from Surabaya to Banjarmasin via sea
    Delivery services from Surabaya to Banjarmasin via air
    Delivery services for Surabaya Motorcycles, Banjarmasin
    Surabaya Banjarmasin spare parts delivery service
    Surabaya banjarmasin Car Body delivery service
    Car Delivery Services Surabaya banjarmasin
    Expedition services for heavy equipment delivery to Surabaya banjarmasin
    Surabaya banjarmasin machine delivery service
    Surabaya banjarmasin house moving services
    Surabaya banjarmasin office relocation services
    Expedition services Container rental Surabaya banjarmasin
    Expedition services for industrial goods in Surabaya, Banjarmasin
    freight forwarding services Surabaya Banjarmasin


3.Cheap expedition surabaya banjarmasin

If you are looking for the cheapest Surabaya Banjarmasin expedition you can choose Mitra Logistics, because Mitralogistics has experience delivering your goods to their destination safely and on time. The coverage area of ​​Mitra Logistics, reaches all areas of Surabaya and Banjarmasin.

The estimated time for sending the Surabaya Banjarmasin expedition varies depending on the type of shipping service you choose, usually via air shipping has the fastest estimated time because it uses airplane transportation, although the drawback is that the costs incurred are more expensive than other via.

4. Where do you get cheap and safe expeditions?


Mitra Logistics is the best choice for the needs of shipping expeditions to all cities in Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke. Free pick up and door to door are one of the services provided by Logistics Partners to assist you in shipping goods. Mitra Logistics is the best low-cost freight forwarding company based in Medan and has served many shipping services throughout Indonesia, with various types of services for every consumer.

5. The cheapest price for the Surabaya Banjarmasin expedition


Mitra Logistics is an expeditionary service that will continue to provide the best service to its customers by providing solutions and services for goods delivery. Delivery of goods or packages tailored to your needs which is of course safer, faster, and of course cheaper for the goods or packages that you will send.

Mitralogistic has the cheapest promo, with only a capital of 2500 per kg you can send goods from the city of Surabaya to the city of Banjarmasin with a minimum of 30 kilograms and you can get port to door service. If you are lazy to deliver goods to the office, you can directly choose door to door service. Incidentally, we have a tariff of 4000 per kg with a minimum order of 100 kilograms.

We provide shipping by land, sea, air. The rates from Surabaya to Riau that Mitra Logistics offers are, of course, cheaper than other shipping services. For more details, you can click the button below to contact our customer service.

6.Calculate the Volume Weight of Goods

Most of the items sent via cargo expeditions will be calculated using volume weight because they take up quite a lot of space. Items that are usually counted using volumetric weight are items packed in boxes/cardboards, wooden packing, items that have empty space on the inside, items that are irregular in shape, and many more. The volume weight will be used as the basis for calculating cargo rates if it is higher than the actual weight (scales), therefore it is important for you to calculate the volume weight.

Volume Weight Formula

volume calculation formula via:

  • Land = (p x l x t)/4000
  • Sea = (p x l x t)/4000
  • Air = (p x l x t)/6000

Frequently asked questions:

  1. What is Expedition Service?Expeditionary services are providers of goods delivery services whose price is determined by the weight of the goods, the distance traveled by the shipment, and the delivery time. If the goods sent are heavy and the destination is far away, a fairly expensive price will usually be charged.
  1. How is the system for sending goods through Mitralogistics expeditions?Mitralogistics uses public transportation such as box cars, pick-up cars and private vehicles. But we have complete facilities with land, sea and air.
  2. What is the name of the cheap expedition for the Surabaya to Banjarmasin service?The name of the Surabaya to Banjarmasin expedition service, our logistics partner is here with the Surabaya to Banjarmasin expedition service with the cheapest, fastest and most reliable rates.
  1. What is the name of the Surabaya Banjarmasin expedition that works with a trusted insurance service?The Surabaya banjarmasin shipping service that works with Insurance from a well-known insurance company is Mitralogistics which certainly helps provide guarantees so you don’t have to worry about your goods being sent through our shipping providers.So, are you interested in sending goods from Surabaya to Banjarmasin? If you want to order a Surabaya to Banjarmasin expedition service, you can order directly from our customer service to 08125883387 or via the button below.

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