Expedition Container Surabaya Gorontalo

Expedition Container Surabaya Gorontalo


Expedition Container Surabaya Gorontalo – Increasing economic activity in East Java and North Sulawesi makes Surabaya Gorontalo container shipping necessary to send a lot of goods in the industrial, trading, manufacturing, agriculture and fisheries sectors.

Even though the cost of container shipping rates is quite high, to overcome this, MitraLogistics offers competitive and affordable rates that you can choose according to your needs in a timely manner which will certainly make it easier for you to ship container goods.

Expedition Container Surabaya Gorontalo

Reporting from Pelindo.co.id Surabaya Port is the largest port in Indonesia which has access to all of Indonesia via sea. This is what makes the need for container shipping services even higher and requires trusted container expedition services such as Mitralogistics.

Because Mitralogistics ensures that the goods transported will always be kept safe and we make sure you get service facilities and technology according to the type of your goods that have national and international standards.

Very cool right? So what are you waiting for, if you want to be comfortable, calm and easy in shipping containers of goods, just choose Mitralogistics.

Surabaya Gorontalo container shipping service insurance

Mitralogistics is a container shipping service company that has experience and is trusted by many customers, you don’t need to worry about your goods being damaged or lost during transit. Simply order insurance services, your goods will be protected from losses due to loss or damage to goods.

Surabaya Gorontalo container rates

Want to use a container but afraid of shipping costs? Now you don’t need to be afraid anymore because MitraLogistics is currently having a crazy sale specifically for shipping containers from Surabaya to Gorontalo. If you want to get a promo rate, you can directly contact the button below and get a discount from us.

Types of containers available for Surabaya Gorontalo container expeditions

1.Dry containers have sizes from 20 feet, 40 feet to 45 feet and can accommodate various types of goods that do not       require special temperatures during container shipping.
2.reefer containers are designed for shipments that require special temperatures such as food, medicine and                 chemical products because they have a cooling system that can maintain temperatures from -30°C to 30°C.
3.an open top container that has an open top, so it can make it easier for you to load items that have a higher size that require lifting using a crane.
4.flat rock container has a strong and sturdy structure to load heavy goods and has large dimensions such as machines and heavy equipment.
5.tank containers are designed for shipping liquid goods such as oil, chemicals and gas which are equipped with storage tanks that can maintain the safety and quality of goods during the shipping process

The final word

When you want to choose the right type of container you need, you need to consider the type of goods you are shipping. Mitralogistics can help send goods in containers easily, if you want to order goods delivery services via containers you can contact customer service at 08125883387 (cut ayu Agustina).

Frequently asked questions when wanting to send goods via the Surabaya Gorontalo container

  1. How long does it take to ship goods via container from Surabaya to Gorontalo?
    Delivery time usually depends on each expedition, in Mitralogistics it usually takes around 6-15 days to ship via the Surabaya container to Gorontalo.
  1. What goods are usually sent via container from Surabaya to Gorontalo?
    Machine tools, heavy equipment, industrial goods, agricultural equipment and others.

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