Expedition services singkawang

Expedition services singkawang


Expedition services singkawang – Singkawang or Sakawokng in Dayak Salako or San-Khew-Jong is a city located in the province of West Kalimantan, Indonesia. The city is located about 145 km north of the provincial capital, Pontianak City, and is surrounded by the Pasi, Poteng, and Sakkok mountains.

With the number of goods increasing the demand for Singkawang shipping services is increasing but the problem is the limited land transportation due to limited road infrastructure which ultimately slows down the delivery process making the cost of shipping from Singkawang expensive.

To overcome this, Mitralogistics is here to offer solutions for shipping goods and cargo from batam to Malang by offering reliable, efficient and safe shipping services, this is supported by an extensive network covering batam and Malang, so as to optimize the route and be able to speed up the delivery process.

Advantages of Singkawang delivery service

Mitralogistics offers advantages that are certainly suitable to help deliver your goods quickly:

  1. has professional packaging services so as to minimize damage during shipping.
  2. Check tracking system that is easy to check anytime and anywhere online.
  3. Handle delivery of goods with care
  4. Scheduled delivery
  5. On-time delivery

Service at Singkawang expedition

The types of services offered by Mitralogistics are services:

  1. Port to port
  2. Port to door
  3. Door to port
  4. Door to door.

Types of Singkawang Expedition services

The types of services available are:

  1. Singkawang shipping services
  2. Singkawang moving services
  3. Singkawang motorcycle shipping service
  4. Singkawang car shipping services
  5. Singkawang cargo services

Singkawang Shipping Cost

No need to worry about sending a lot of goods by using Mitralogistics you will be more calm and easy because Mitralogistics has promo packages that can certainly save shipping costs.

The types of promo packages available are:

  1. Cheap Redemption Promo PackageBy using this package, you can easily get the lowest rates at Mitralogistics, this package has the advantage of being able to send goods in large quantities and have a large capacity, this package includes Port to Door.
  1. Redeem saving promo packageThis package is perfect for those of you who want to save on shipping goods because you don’t need to bother delivering and picking up goods because the mitralogistics team can prepare the delivery of goods easily and practically.

Final Word

Thus the Singkawang expedition article hopefully can help you send goods, if you currently need a Singkawang shipping service specialist you can contact the number 08125883387 (Cut Ayu Agustina).

Frequently asked questions

  1. How long is the delivery time from Singkawang?The length of delivery time is about 2-11 days depending on the type of transportation.
  1. What are the items that can be sent from the Singkawang expedition?Textile goods, machinery, electronics and others.

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