Surabaya container expedition services

Surabaya container expedition services


Surabaya container expedition services– Surabaya container expedition services or we can call it the city of heroes is the city with the second largest population in Indonesia after the city of Jakarta and making it the second largest city after Jakarta. Due to the large population that makes Surabaya the center of government and economy of East Java Province, as well as the largest metropolitan city in the province. One of the factors that made Surabaya’s trade and economic activities grow rapidly was the geographical location of the city which is close to the sea making Surabaya easy to reach by cargo ships and its location at the bottom of Southeast Asia making it an ideal stop post for cargo ships before finally went back. Container Surabaya expedition services with MitraLogistics

As one of the cities with the second largest economy in Indonesia, Surabaya has quite dense trading activities from various sectors, of course, this trading activity cannot be separated from export and import activities. This is where we, Mitralogistics, are ready to help you make deliveries throughout Indonesia. If you want to ship in large quantities, one of the shipping methods we offer is shipping via containers. Container expeditions can be carried out by various types of transportation, such as by sea or land. Because Indonesia is an archipelagic country, of course the sea route is the most efficient and economical choice, considering that Indonesia is dominant with territorial waters. Shipping containers by sea can be done using ships or barges. Ships are a safer and more comfortable choice, because they have more complete facilities and have a larger capacity. Meanwhile, barges are a cheaper option, but have a smaller capacity and simpler facilities. In addition, container shipments can also be carried out by land, using trucks or trains. However, shipping by land is more expensive and takes longer than shipping by sea. [scu name="buttoncallsurabaya"] is not installed or enabled

Logistics Partner Container Shipping Services

  1. Door to door
  2. Door to port
  3. Port to port
  4. Door to cy
  5. Cy to cy
  6. Port to cy

Note: The problem that often occurs with shipments via containers with door to door service is the pick-up address where containers cannot go through, so the solution we provide is to use a small truck for pickup, then the goods will be loaded into the container. So you don’t need to worry anymore if there are problems similar to that, because we have a solution for each of your problems.

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If you are interested in shipping via containers, there are a number of things you should pay attention to before the execution process. That is :

  1. Be sure to provide the full origin and destination addresses to avoid trouble when picking up and forwarding to the address.
  2. Make sure the commodity or type of goods to be sent, and complete documents or permits related to the goods to be sent
  3. Pay attention to the amount of cargo in accordance with the maximum transport from the container
  4. Prepare a badget according to the rates agreed with the company
  5. If the goods are moving, make sure to pack / pack the goods safely using materials that comply with shipping standards.
  6. Make sure you choose the best company that has an official license and get cheap and safe rates like Logistics Partners. For those of you who are interested in using Mitra Logistics’ Surabaya container expedition services for your shipment, you can contact our customer service at +628116558050 to get the best offer from us for you.

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