Gorontalo Car Shipping Services

Gorontalo Car Shipping Services


Gorontalo Car Shipping Services is a shipping service company (expedition) that has one of the services of sending cars between cities, provinces, islands throughout Indonesia using containers, ships, and towing cars.

Gorontalo ( Jawi: ڬورونتالو) is a province at Indonesia which is located in the northern part of Island Sulawesi. Gorontalo Province was then born on December 5, 2000 based on Law Number 38 of 2000.[6]

Gorontalo City then designated as ibu kota Gorontalo Province, as well as the center of government, the largest economic and trade center in the region. Teluk Tomini. The population of Gorontalo Province is 1,171,681 people. (Sensus BPS, 2020), with a population growth rate of 1.16% annually.

Mitralogistics is the best shipping company in the city of Medan with one of the car shipping services to the province or outside the province.

When you will plan to send a car to your relatives who are outside the city of Medan, one of the things you make sure you will use a safe and reliable shipping service, especially cheap.
The sender must also fully understand the correct conditions in the process of sending a car unit. Because, the car is a luxury item.

Explanation of the car delivery process from the delivery service : mitra logistics


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Car Pickup and Checkup

The sender will send the home address to the customer service, after providing the home address to the customer service, our team will arrange a schedule to pick up the car with you and send our team of experts to your location to conduct a detailed inspection and pick up your car. Our customer service will also give you the full ID of our team that will do the pickup.

Car Checking using From Checklist Vehicle

Before bringing the car you want to send, our officers will check the car first, starting from the car engine, exterior interior and other parts of the car in detail using the Vehicle Checklist that we have prepared. By checking both parties will both know the condition of the unit to be sent.
Because, our main task is to ensure that your car is delivered to the destination location in the same condition as at the beginning when checking and picking up.

Car Delivery to Destination Location

For shipments outside the island, the transportation we use is the sea route, namely using roro ships or containers. And also use car towing when it arrives on land. The towing car is used to deliver to your location.

Payment of Shipping Costs

In this process you are already authorized to make payments for shipping costs until the ship docks to your destination island.

Fully covered by insurance

We dare to claim, that our company is a car shipping service that prioritizes the safety of our consumer car units. Unlike other shipping services that only cover port to port insurance (from port to port only). Our company protects consumer cars with door to door insurance. What is meant is that your car is protected from the beginning of our team picking up to the destination location that you send.

If you want to send a car outside the island or within the island, make sure you use a safe and reliable shipping service company like our company, Mitralogistics.

Because Mitralgistics has been operating since 2011. with a million experiences in the world of shipping and our team is professional in carrying out its duties.
So, don’t worry if you use our shipping services. Read also: www.mitralogistics.co.id

Mitralogistics is the best solution if you want to send a car outside the island or within the island. Which of course we provide services that are primarily safe to destination, fast, and cheap.

Gorontalo Car Shipping Services.

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