Car Shipping Service from Medan to Bali

Car Shipping Service from Medan to Bali


Car Shipping Service from Medan to Bali – Often, our concern is that our car might get lost or damaged when we choose an expedition service, especially if the car shipping service from Medan to Bali refuses to take responsibility.

Now you don’t have to worry anymore about sending your car from Medan to Bali, because Mitralogistics provides insurance for car expedition services from Medan to Bali at affordable rates that match the quality. Certainly, this will make your car safer, and we will pack your car with thicker, stronger, and neater packing. So, if you want to send your car, just trust the shipping of your car to Mitralogistics.

Trusted Car Expedition Service from Medan to Bali

Medan is the fourth-largest city in Indonesia, and many residents of Medan travel and conduct activities outside the region, one of which is to Bali since Bali is a frequently visited tourist destination. When you want to travel, you’d want to bring your car to facilitate your activities. Because, of course, using your car helps you avoid the risk of accidents.

When dispatching a vehicle, it’s essential to opt for a dependable automobile transport service from Medan to Bali, ensuring consistent prioritization of your vehicle. This is where Mitralogistics steps in to aid you in managing the expenses associated with shipping a car from Medan to Bali.

Reasons Mitralogistics Could Be Your Choice

  • We are a car shipping service with a physical office location and clear legal standing, backed by experience.
  • We have good relationships with shipping companies and operate with professionalism.
  • We are reliable and experienced in car shipping.
  • We have access to various transportation services such as Roro Ships, Car Carriers, Towing, and Self-Drive options.

Operational Steps for Sending a Car

You might be curious about how the car shipping process works. Here’s an overview of the process according to Mitralogistics:

  1. Your car will be picked up at your address.
  2. You’ll fill out a form listing the condition of the car and its contents.
  3. We’ll provide a receipt that can also be used to track the car’s position during shipping through the Mitra Logistics website.
  4. You hand over the car to Mitra Logistics’ office or directly to the ship.
  5. You can pay in cash or make a transfer when your car is picked up.

Car Shipping Costs from Medan to Bali

Who said shipping a car from Medan to Bali is expensive? Here’s a deal for you. For just IDR 10.3 million, you can easily and safely ship your car with Mitralogistics. We also offer an additional wrapping service for IDR 100,000 to protect your car from damage. So, what are you waiting for? Entrust your car shipping to Mitralogistics.

Our Offered Price is the Best Deal, where for every car shipping and other deliveries, we provide DOOR TO DOOR service, meaning the vehicle will be picked up from the source address.

Services Provided by Mitra Logistics for Car Shipping Service Medan Bali

  • Door To Door: Your vehicle is picked up by our team directly from your home or the dealer where you purchased the car. This service ensures your car reaches its destination hassle-free.
  • Port To Port: With this service, you need to estimate the time it takes to transport the car to the port terminal and calculate the overall time for delivery.
  • Door To Port: Your car is picked up from your home or dealer and is delivered to the nearest terminal or port. This service requires you to allocate time to pick up the car according to the predetermined schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the name of the trusted car shipping service from Medan to Bali?Mitralogistics is the car shipping service for Medan to Bali, with an office located at Jl. STM Jalan kompleks No 16A, Suka Maju, Medan Johor, North Sumatra. Ensuring secure shipment of goods.
  2. Can I use a shipping service to send a car from Medan to Bali?Yes, Mitralogistics is the expedition service that offers car shipping from Medan to Bali.

In Conclusion

This concludes the article on Car Shipping Service from Medan to Bali. Hopefully, this article assists you in sending your car. Choose a reliable car shipping service from Medan to Bali that can help ship your car securely.

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