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Car Shipping Service Provider Company

MitraLogistics is an expedition service company that has one the services that serve inter-city car shipping and inter-island car shipping and also throughout Indonesia using various types of fleets such as containers, towing cars, and self-drive services are also available.

Car shipping services have cheap prices and can send goods throughout Indonesia. Mitralogistics has been operating since 2011. With a wealth of experience in the shipping world, Mitralogistics is the best solution for those of you who need cheap car shipping services throughout Indonesia.

Cheapest car shipping in medan

MITRALOGISTICS car shipping service is the best shipping service company in the city of Medan with one of the car shipping services between cities, provinces, and islands in all parts of Indonesia. Some of the services we provide include car shipping services via Towing, Car Carrier, Self Drive, and Container Ships.

A More Detailed Explanation Regarding the Car Delivery Process

Pickup and Check of Car Units

The first thing the prospective car sender does is send the pick-up address to customer service, after providing the address to the customer service. Then our officers will arrange a car unit pick-up schedule with you and send a Mitralogistics team of experts to your location to check & pick up the car unit. Customer Service will also provide information to you with the complete ID of the Mitralogistics team who will pick up and check the car unit at your location.

Checking Car Units with the Vehicle Checklist Form

Before bringing your car unit, our team will first check the condition of your car, starting from the interior, exterior and car engine parts using the checklist form we have provided. by checking using the checklist form, both parties will both know the condition of the car to be sent,

Because.. our job is to ensure that your car unit is delivered to the destination location safely, and in the same condition as when it was picked up.

Receiving Vehicle Handover Signs Along with Letters

After checking the unit is complete and ready to be taken by the Mitralogistics team, you are entitled to receive a receipt from us, as proof that Mitralogistics has received the unit and vehicle documents (STNK). You are also entitled to receive a copy of the disabled vehicle checklist form earlier. You can use the checklist form later to re-check the condition after the car unit arrives at the destination. After the unit has arrived at the destination, you can also make sure for yourself whether the condition of the car arrived at the conditions like the initial pick-up or there was a difference. After the checks and receipts have been completed, we are ready to deliver the unit to the Mitralogistics office for further processing.

Delivery of Car Units to Destination Locations

For delivery within the island, the transportation that can be used is only land transportation such as car towing or car carrier. after the car unit arrives at MitraLogistics , it will continued delivery using Car Towing, or Car Carrier directly to the destination location.

For overseas shipping. The transportation used is land transportation (Car Towing, or Car Carrier) + sea transportation (Ro-Ro Ship, Cargo Ship, or Container Ship).

send Fee Invoice Payment

In this process you have to pay the shipping service fees, the maximum payment deadline is up to the ship anchored on the island of destination.

Fully Covered By Insurance

We dare to claim that Mitralogistics is a car delivery service that prioritizes the most focus on the safety of our customers’ car units. In contrast to other car shipping services which only cover port to port insurance (only from port to port). Mitralogistics protects your car unit with door to door insurance. in other words, your car is protected from the time our unit picks you up to the destination


jasa pengiriman mobil

Mengapa Harus Kirim Mobil Dengan MITRALOGISTICS

MITRALOGISTICS memiliki penawaran tarif pengiriman mobil yang relatif murah dengan beragam layanan menggunakan armada Car Towing, Car Carrier, Kapal Roro, Container dan Self Drive.


Car Towing

For car delivery Via Car Towing, this is specifically for sending one car unit using truck towing. Shipping Via Car Towing is much faster because truck towing does not wait for other loads.

Self Drive

Via Self Drive car delivery is a delivery that is directly driven by the Logistics Partners team, we will pick up from your location and deliver it to your destination. Self Drive itself is suitable for those of you who want to send a car for the needs or needs of inter-city shipping and also inter-island shipping

Car Container

Shipping a car using a container is shipping a car by placing the car in a container truck.

Car Carrier

Car Carrier is a shipping car that can transport 8 cars at once for one trip.

Kapal Ro-Ro

Vehicles that go into the ship with their own propulsion and can get out on their own too, so they are known as roll on – roll off ships or in short Ro-Ro. is a fleet that is used for inter-island car shipping, shipping is faster and safer. The Roro ship itself is the right choice for those of you who want to send a car Via Sea because the rates are the cheapest compared to other transportation fleets.

Alasan Kenapa Harus Menggunakan Jasa Pengiriman Dari Kami

cheap price

Mitralogistics always provides low shipping rates, so it is suitable for all consumers.

Complete Service Facilities

Various types of services are available at Mitralogistics which can meet your shipping needs to all regions in Indonesia

Timely Delivery

Mitralogistics company always makes deliveries on time to meet service quality and customer satisfaction

Customer Service Fast Response

Our Customer Service is always ready to answer and respond quickly in answering questions from you at any time.

Available Shipping Methods at Mitralogistics

Door to Door

The Door to Door method is a method in which cargo (cars) are picked up directly by officers from the house or dealer where you bought the car.

Door to Port

Door to Port is a method where the car will be picked up from the house or dealer. but for delivery it is only delivered to the nearest terminal or port.

Port to Door

In the Port to Door method, you are required to deliver your car to the terminal or port closest to your city.

Port to Port

in the Port to Port method, you must calculate your estimated time to deliver it to the terminal or port.

Tips for determining car delivery services

Before you use a car delivery service, there are several things that must be prepared. You need to do these activities to ensure that the car you send is received before and after properly. Because during delivery there is a risk of damage that can be avoided by carrying out preparatory activities before delivery properly. This is done for those of you who use car delivery services. unprofessional.

here are some tips on activities that you can do before ordering a car delivery service.


  1. Specify Delivery Time

Make sure the car delivery schedule that you specify does not occur on holidays or major holidays, because at that time the estimated delivery time can miss the specified time. As we all know, on holidays or major holidays Conditions on the road are more crowded, causing delivery times to be longer. It is important that you start determining the delivery schedule outside of these days. However, if this is unavoidable, you must accept the delayed schedule, due to conditions in the field.

  1. Pahami Bentuk Layanan Ekspedisi Pengiriman Mobil

In various logistics industries, car shipping services have the form of different types of services, the types of services include Door To Door (DTD), Door To Port (DTP), Port To Door (PTD), and Port To Port (PTP).


  1. Secure Car Accessories

Secure your car accessories by releasing them, so that they are packed separately


  1. Scure the rearview mirror

Make sure the rearview mirror is in folded condition, to avoid the risk of damage to the mirror due to hard shapes with other objects.


  1. Check all item in your car

Check the items in your car, especially valuables, flammables and other dangerous goods.


  1. Fill fuel sufficiently

Fill your vehicle with enough fuel. To avoid fires and other bad incidents. Just fill up a quarter of the tank, avoid filling it full. The amount of fuel we need is only to be able to drive to deliver the car to the delivery destination.


  1. Clean Your car

A clean car will make it easier for you to check before the car is sent. Such as scuffs, scratches, cracks and so on.


  1. Note your car condition

Record and document properly the condition of your car before delivery. This will make it easier for you to make a claim if damage occurs. Make sure the car delivery service officer also agrees with what you noted before delivery, to avoid misunderstandings.


  1. Check th machine

In addition to recording and documenting the exterior and interior conditions of the car, you also need to note and agree on the condition of the engine prior to delivery with the car delivery service officer.


  1. Inform the car alarm to the officer

Give access to or inform your car alarm to the car delivery service officer, because at any time the officer needs this access for cargo moving activities. Or you can also turn off the alarm temporarily during the delivery process and reactivate it when the car has been received. We prefer to turn off the car temporarily, during the delivery period. Because sometimes not all officers can understand the alarm system on the car.


  1. Secure Antenna Position

Position your car antenna in a non-extended condition, to simplify the shipping process and secure your antenna so it won’t be damaged.


  1. Choose fleet

Use the fleet transportation that you need the most. Both in terms of weight, size and security. There are many choices of transportation fleets that you can use, such as containers, roro ships, tronton, or in boxes. The use of boxes is usually recommended because they are safer, it’s just that the cost is usually more expensive. If you use a car carrier (backgate), the top position is the safest choice of position to avoid your car from friction.


  1. Car Documents

Submit your car registration certificate when making the delivery, this is done to ensure that the car you are sending is not the result of theft. Make sure you have made a duplicate in the form of a photocopy or photo copy as your handle.


  1. Insurance

Add insurance services when you use a car delivery service. So that you are more calm. Because by using insurance, if something happens to your car, then your insurance can be a solution.


  1. Approval Document Review

Re-read the agreement document, read it slowly and thoroughly. Read the contents of the document very carefully, if there is anything you doubt or don’t understand, please ask the car shipping expedition officer.


  1. Check the data at the time of receipt

After the car is received, you should re-check the shipping documents and adjust them to the condition of the car. Communicate with the car delivery service officer, if there are things that are not appropriate.


Assalamu’alaikum friends, do you need a delivery service, car or motorcycle? MITRA LOGISTICS is the right choice for those of you who want to send packages out of town at affordable rates and secure delivery of goods throughout Indonesia. Thank You !

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