Gambar Car Shipping Service from Medan to Malang

Gambar Car Shipping Service from Medan to Malang


Car Shipping Service Medan Malang – Malang is a city located in the East Java province. It is the second largest city in East Java after Surabaya and the 12th largest city in Indonesia. The city of Malang was founded during the Kanjuruhan Kingdom era and was originally an enclave of Malang Regency. Known as an educational city, Malang is home to various top-tier universities. Apart from being renowned for its educational institutions, Malang is also a popular tourist destination due to its beautiful natural surroundings, surrounded by mountains and cool air. Situated on a high plateau with an area of 145.28 square kilometers, Malang has a population of approximately 895,387 people. The majority ethnic group in Malang is Javanese, followed by Madurese.

Car Shipping Service from Medan to Malang

Cars are essential transportation tools, especially in Indonesia. In the modern era, many people consider sending their cars using various shipping services available through social media or local options.

Car shipping services are available not only in Indonesia but also worldwide. These services offer car delivery to various locations using different types of vehicles based on the owner’s needs. To support regional and city development, logistics companies can assist in transportation processes, including car shipping. Many people in Indonesia are required to relocate for work, education, or other reasons like moving houses or purchasing vehicles from outside their cities.

If you are looking for an expedition company that provides car shipping services for intercity or inter-island transport, Mitralogistics is the right solution, particularly for sending a car from Medan to Malang. Mitralogistics offers the best and most affordable car shipping service, maintaining high-quality performance despite its competitive pricing. The service covers deliveries across Indonesia, utilizing a variety of vehicle types tailored to customer needs.

Mitralogistics has branch representatives in every region of Indonesia, aiming to be closer to customers and make our services easily accessible to you. Here are some of the services available at Mitralogistics:

  • Inter-island car shipping
  • Inter-city car shipping
  • Towing car between cities
  • Inter-island car expedition

Car Shipping Fleet from Medan to Palembang Available at Mitralogistics

  • Sending Cars using Car Towing

Car towing is used to send individual cars using towing trucks. This method is relatively fast, as the towing truck doesn’t wait for other cargo.

  • Car Shipping with Car Carrier Fleet

Car carriers can transport up to 8 cars simultaneously on land routes.

  • Sending Cars using Containers

This method involves placing cars inside containers for shipping.

  • Car Shipping via Self Drive

Self-drive involves experienced and professional personnel from the expedition company driving the cars directly from the sender’s location to the destination.

  • Car Shipping with Roro Ships via Sea

Roro ships are used for inter-island car transport, offering a fast and safe option. It is a cost-effective choice for sea transportation compared to other methods.

Tips for Sending a Car

Check important documents and papers after the car is shipped. Choose a shipping company with proper legal credentials. Secure valuable items inside the car. File an insurance claim promptly if the car is damaged. Select the transportation mode based on weight and safety needs. Track the car’s location using the provided website tools.

Contact Us

Mitralogistics offers various services, including door-to-door, door-to-port, port-to-door, and port-to-port shipping. For further consultation or service bookings, you can reach our customer service at the following number: 08125883387, attention to Cut Ayu Agustina, or use the button below.

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