Expedition jakarta surabaya

Expedition jakarta surabaya


Expedition from Jakarta to Surabaya

Expedition Jakarta to Surabaya expedition. Mitralogistics handles delivery of goods between cities in Java such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Magelang, Yogyakarta and other cities. Your goods will arrive in approximately 4-5 days. The shipping rates are also cheap. This is the best solution for those of you who want to send goods safely and comfortably because the goods arrive quickly and have insurance services.

Surabaya’s strategic location is almost in the middle of Indonesia and right in the south of Asia. Making Surabaya a metropolitan city because Surabaya is the center of economic, financial and business activities in East Java and surrounding areas.

This happens because of the increase in HDI growth which makes the increasing number of demand for goods from the city of Surabaya to other cities. Surabaya and its surrounding area is the most rapidly developing economy in East Java and one of the most developed in Indonesia. In addition, Surabaya is also one of the most important cities in supporting the Indonesian economy.


Most of its population is engaged in services, industry and trade. Surabaya is a rapidly growing trade center. Its main industries include shipbuilding, heavy equipment, food processing and agriculture, electronics, home furnishing, and handicrafts.

The most important port in Surabaya is Tanjung Perak Port which is the second largest trading, container and passenger port in Indonesia after Tanjung Priok Port in Jakarta.

Jakarta, one of which has a large demand for the supply of industrial goods from Surabaya to Jakarta, this is due to the close distance between the city of Surabaya and the city of Jakarta.

For this reason, many Jakarta industrial entrepreneurs want to send their goods to Surabaya, but are confused about choosing a suitable expedition service because not all Jakarta Surabaya expedition services provide convenience in transactions.

Though the ease of transanksi is needed so that we are comfortable in ordering.

The thing that many people often miss when ordering expedition services:

Before ordering expedition services Jakarta Surabaya things that must be considered, so that the order you make does not complicate you:

  1. Ease of trans sanctions

Do not let when ordering Jakarta Surabaya expedition services you are confused, you must know that not all expedition services have easy transactions. Pay close attention to how to order

In transactions at Mitra Logistics it is very easy you just have to :

1. Chat admin Mitra Logistics

2. Write the Shipping Data Form

If it’s your first time ordering at Mitra Logistics, you can directly chat to ask for a shipping data form if you haven’t been given one.

3. Write the quantity, type of goods and destination of the goods correctly.

Then after that our team will provide the amount of the tariff, you just have to choose the type of payment you want to use.

We have 2 types of payment, namely:

  1. Cash – If you want to pay for your order in cash, Mitra Logistics makes it easy for you to pay in cash. You just pay according to the tariff and our party will come to your place or you can also pay directly at Mitra Logistics.
  2. Via transfer – You can also pay for your order by transfer, Mitra Logistics has via bank transfer Bca and bank bni.
  3. Attractive offers – Have you ever missed an interesting offer when booking because you forgot to check the information, what a waste of your money. Don’t you miss the promo. Now before you order Jakarta Surabaya expedition services, it’s a good idea to ask the expedition service first.Mitra logistics is here to provide attractive offers that are certainly a pity for you to miss because we provide discounts on the weight of your goods and free service.
  4. Customer service – As a customer, do you want your opinion to be heard by the expedition service? Surely you want dong but not all shipping services can provide a forum for suggestions and criticism from customers.Logistics partners always listen to customer suggestions and criticisms so that logistics partners can continue to update following development trends, if you want to provide criticism and suggestions you can directly chat the Mitra Logistics customer service team. The customer service process is very easy through :
  5. Give good attention to goods – Do you want the items you send to be well taken care of? Surely you want dong but not all delivery services can provide efficient attention. Often because of the large number of orders at the Jakarta Surabaya expedition service, this is often overlooked.Of course you certainly want to get the best service for your goods. Mitra Logistics provides the best service by ensuring the contents of the goods and we also provide an additional layer of wrapping if you need warping, bubble wrap, standard packing and wooden packing. We also maximize the arrangement of goods in the truck based on the weight of the goods.
  6. Paying attention to the little things – Maybe this is very trivial but you don’t want dong if there is negligence because you don’t get professional and competent shipping services. Mitra Logistics is a Jakarta Surabaya expedition service that can provide special attention, for example, for antiques such as Gucci, statues, paintings or other luxury items that require special packing.

Logistics partners provide economical prices for each additional packing of special items that will help you so that the goods arrive are not easily damaged on the way.

Mitra logistics as a professional specialist expedition service Jakarta surabaya

Mitralogistics serves delivery of goods between cities in Java such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Magelang, Yogyakarta and other cities. Goods that you want to send can arrive quickly in approximately 4-5 days. The rates we offer are quite economical and pocket-friendly.

We provide the best solution for those of you who want to send goods safely and comfortably because the goods will arrive quickly and there is an insurance service.

Mitra Logistics has been established since 2011 and has millions of experience in the field of expedition services. So, you don’t need to be afraid to use the Jakarta to Surabaya expedition service from Mitra Logistics because it is guaranteed safety.

Cheap Jakarta Surabaya Expedition

In Surabaya you are very easy to find shipping services, especially for from Jakarta to Surabaya, Mitra Logistics can be your choice because we offer cheap rates, providing the best service for you.

We remain professional to compete healthily with cheap Jakarta Surabaya expedition service companies by providing the best service we have and providing solutions to consumers who have problems in shipping goods.

We provide offers that suit your needs, so you feel satisfied with the services we provide. Often shipments with very cheap rates are a magnet for consumers but there are often misunderstandings due to poor service provided, but that does not apply to mitralogistics.

Because mitralogistics has a very experienced team in the shipping process, starting from a very fast response marketing team that is friendly, responds to every desire or provides solutions to every problem you have, is fast in providing rates, so your time will not be wasted. We have an operational team that is trained and has high flying hours.

Cheap Jakarta Surabaya expedition shipping range

Mitra Logistics shipping services can process every shipment from all over the city of Jakarta, both in the city and suburban Jakarta, Jakarta shipping to Surabaya from every sub-district or village, for example, such as from West Jakarta, Central Jakarta, South Jakarta and North Jakarta, and East Jakarta, while for Surabaya we serve every Surabaya city area such as, Sidoardjo, Asemrowo, Benowo, Bubutan, Bulak, Dukuh Pakis, Genteng, Sukolilo, Gubeng, and all sub-districts in Surabaya to all regions in Indonesia. of course we will be ready to serve every Jakarta route and Surabaya city to all over Indonesia. We also provide fast and safe lead time because we prioritize customer satisfaction.

Cheap Freight Rates

Mitra Logistics is an expedition service that will continue to provide the best service to its customers to provide solutions and goods delivery services. Delivery of goods or packages is tailored to your needs which are certainly safer, faster, and of course cheaper for the goods or packages you will send.

We serve shipping by land, sea route, air route. For rates from Jakarta to Surabaya that Mitra Logistics offers, of course, it is cheaper than other expedition services. For more details, you can click the button below or contact our customer service.

Form of Goods Delivery Fleet

For shipments from Jakarta to Surabaya we are via land, not only via land we also serve shipments via air and sea vessels. But currently the interest is via land trucking.

Because via air shipping costs will be much more expensive. Usually via this only for goods that are urgent and in small quantities. For via sea, it does have the cheapest rates, but the estimated time to arrive is much longer. So via land is the solution, there are many fleets that can fulfill the land shipping process.

Usually the most popular and the mainstay of the community is trucking where the price is cheaper. Trucking itself can use trucks, CDDs, cranks, trailers, box cars, tronton, even containers with an estimated time of 4/5 days of travel.

Every effort will pay off as well as our logistics partners try to provide our best service. Although there are currently many more experienced shipping services, mitralogistics will still have a place in the hearts of every consumer.

For those of you who want to send goods from Jakarta to Surabaya, you can directly contact our customer service at 08125883396 a/n Cut Ayu.

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