Surabaya Tarakan Expedition

Surabaya Tarakan Expedition


Surabaya Tarakan Expedition. Archipelago, a group of islands that captivates the heart with its stunning natural beauty. From Sabang to Merauke, the islands of Indonesia have incomparable natural charm. One of the challenging but memorable trips was the Surabaya Tarakan Expedition with MitraLogistics.

1. Get to know the Surabaya Tarakan Expedition

The Surabaya Tarakan Expedition is an awe-inspiring journey that takes adventurers across challenging land routes and stunning waters. The route of this expedition includes journeys from Surabaya, a coastal city rich in history, to Tarakan, an exotic destination in North Kalimantan.

2. The Beauty of the Archipelago Along the Route

The Surabaya Tarakan Expedition Route offers extraordinary natural beauty from the island of Java to North Kalimantan. Here are some interesting destinations that will be encountered during the trip:

a. Mount Bromo, East Java

The expedition started with an adventure on Mount Bromo, one of the most famous volcanoes in Indonesia. Expedition participants will witness the beauty of the sunrise from Penanjakan Peak and visit the stunning Tengger Caldera.

b. Suramadu Bridge, East Java

After crossing the Bromo sand sea, participants will cross the Suramadu Bridge, the longest bridge in Indonesia that connects Surabaya and Madura island.

c. Baluran National Park, East Java

Adventurers will have the chance to visit Baluran National Park, the “Javanese Savanna,” which offers the beauty of vast savannas, mangrove forests, and amazing biodiversity.

d. Kutai National Park, East Kalimantan

The journey continues with exploring the tropical rain forest in Kutai National Park which is rich in flora and fauna diversity.

e. Derawan Island, East Kalimantan

The expedition also includes a visit to Derawan Island, a stunning underwater paradise with white sand beaches, beautiful coral reefs and turtles milling about.

f. Tarakan City, North Kalimantan

The trip ends in Tarakan, a coastal city on the northern tip of Borneo Island, which is famous for its beautiful sea and cultural diversity.

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3. MitraLogistics: Ensuring Safe Expeditions

MitraLogistics is a trusted partner that organizes the Surabaya Tarakan Expedition.

a. Modern and Reliable Fleet

MitraLogistics offers a fleet of modern and well-maintained vehicles supported by experienced mechanics. Each vehicle is equipped with the latest safety and convenience facilities to guarantee a safe journey.

b. Experienced Driver

MitraLogistics drivers have experience dealing with various road and climate conditions.

c. Best Route and Planning

MitraLogistics has conducted in-depth research to develop the best safe and efficient routes. His team also takes into account road conditions, weather, and safety during the trip.

4. Get to know the MitraLogistics Support Team

The MitraLogistics support team also plays an important role in making sure the trip runs smoothly.

a. Logistics and Planning Team

This team is responsible for putting together a careful itinerary, coordinating logistics, and ensuring all pre-trip preparations go well.

b. Security Team

The MitraLogistics security team is always on standby to monitor the situation along the expedition route and provide assistance if needed.

c. Customer Service Team

The friendly customer service team is ready to assist expedition participants with questions and requests during the trip.

5. Eternal Memories

After conquering the Surabaya Tarakan Expedition route and witnessing the beauty of the archipelago up close, the participants brought back not only beautiful memories but also inspiring stories. This experience opened their eyes to the natural and cultural richness of Indonesia.

6. Final Words

The Surabaya Tarakan Expedition with MitraLogistics is an unforgettable journey that opens doors to the natural and cultural wonders of the Archipelago. Participants have experienced awe-inspiring adventures, from the majestic Mount Bromo to the exotic Derawan Island.

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