Trusted Surabaya to Papua expedition services

Trusted Surabaya to Papua expedition services

  • Surabaya Papua Expedition – Finding the cheapest Surabaya Papua expedition services is not easy because the location of the isolated Papua region and not having sufficient road access makes it difficult for many entrepreneurs to send their products or goods to the Papua region.

Not to mention that cases of violence and crime cases in the region are high enough to make many expedition services afraid to send goods, you certainly don’t want your goods to be lost or damaged on the way.

Therefore the Surabaya Jayapura expedition is urgently needed for shipping goods, Mitralogistics is here to send goods from Surabaya to Jayapura safely and cheaply according to quality.

Delivery service from Surabaya to Jayapura

The cities of Surabaya and Jayapura are quite far apart and have different times, making shipping from Surabaya to Papua a challenge in itself.

Many entrepreneurs from the city of Surabaya want to send their goods to the Papua region, this is because the economy of the Papua Province in 2022 is projected to grow in the range of 9.28 – 9.68% (yoy) this growth is above the national growth estimate.

What makes many entrepreneurs in the city of Surabaya need Surabaya Papua expedition shipping services, when sending goods it’s a good idea to pay attention to important things so that your goods can arrive at their destination safely and on time.

Things to pay attention to when you want to send goods

  1. Choose the Surabaya Papua expedition service which has a wide area coverage
  2. Pack and pack your goods with your name
  3. If the item you are sending is fragile, it’s a good idea to use a fragile sticker and provide wooden packaging to make your item safer
  4. Write your shipping information address correctly
  5. Choose a trusted Surabaya Papua shipping service such as Mitralogistics because Mitralogistics is the most complete and cheapest Surabaya Papua expedition provider according to quality.

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Surabaya expedition type in Papua

Mitralogistics is an affordable freight forwarding specialist service that has access to the widest range from Surabaya to Jayapura, serving Surabaya Papua expeditions, Surabaya Manokwari expeditions, Surabaya Timika expeditions, Surabaya Merauke expeditions, Fakfak Surabaya expeditions, Surabaya Nabire expeditions, Surabaya wamena expeditions.

Pictures of Easy Delivery of Goods Surabaya Papua

Cargo Surabaya Papua


The types of cargo from Surabaya to Papua that are often used to deliver goods are:


  1. cargo Surabaya Papua via land
  2. cargo Surabaya Papua via sea
  3. cargo Surabaya Papua via air

Surabaya-Papua Expedition Service

Want to send a lot of goods but are afraid that the goods will be lost on the way, don’t worry, now you don’t need to worry anymore because MitraLogistics provides delivery services from Surabaya to Jayapura at low rates according to quality.

As for the service you choose: Surabaya Papua goods delivery service, Surabaya Papua car delivery service, Surabaya Papua motorbike delivery service and Surabaya Papua transfer service.

Surabaya Papua fare

Package promotionsPromotional ratesDelivery area
Cheap redeem9.500Surabaya – Papua

When you’re looking for shipping for Surabaya Papua at affordable prices, it’s not difficult, right now Mitralogistics is having a shipping promo for 9,500 per kg with a minimum order of 50 kg which includes door to door service.

Very cheap right? So what are you waiting for, immediately send your goods to Mitralogistics.

Frequently asked questions

1.How much is the delivery fee from Surabaya to Jayapura?

The shipping rate for Surabaya to Jayapura is 9,500 at Mitralogistics

2.What services do you get if you order your goods at Mitralogistics?

You will get free pick up, door to door service and free survey services for free.

The final word

Thus the Surabaya to Papua expedition service article, hopefully it can help you send your goods quickly and safely, if you want to send goods you can directly chat with the Mitralogistics team because we are always ready to serve your goods delivery.

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