Affordable Expedition Services from Surabaya to Palembang on Facebook

Affordable Expedition Services from Surabaya to Palembang on Facebook


Expedition surabaya PalembangTechnological sophistication makes it very easy for people to order online between cities, such as ordering goods online from Surabaya to Palembang, social media plays an active role in increasing entrepreneur sales, but sometimes we as entrepreneurs have to be bothered and lazy to download expedition service applications.

So if you don’t want the hassle of downloading a delivery application, and are still clueless because you still use Facebook. Here – here I have a solution, now you don’t have to bother anymore to order shipping services, you can really search from Facebook.

With the capital of typing your thumb, you can easily get access and choose the available shipping services. So how can you send a lot of stuff? There can be many expedition services that offer cheap services.

For example, Mitralogistics, Mitralogistics is a specialist for cheap Surabaya Palembang expedition services, well-known on the Facebook social network. We will not ask you to download the application. You just contact our admin

1.Delivery service from Surabaya to Palembang

Surabaya and Palembang are located far from each other which are separated by many distances, you should look for a Surabaya to Palembang expedition service that can be adjusted to your needs. so if you want to send goods from Surabaya to Palembang but are confused about choosing because there are so many Surabaya Palembang expedition services.

You can choose the Mitralogistics shipping service because we are a Surabaya Palembang expedition service which can be a practical and efficient solution that can fulfill your delivery of goods to all areas of Surabaya and Palembang.

2. Cheap Surabaya to Palembang Expedition Service Rates



Shipping service rates for Surabaya to Palembang vary, make sure you get a cheap promo package. Mitralogistics is currently having an interesting promo for us, we have two of the best seller promos that are often ordered

For those of you who are looking for cheap promo prices, you can use the cheap redemption promo package because with a capital of 5000 per kg you can send goods from Surabaya to Palembang with a minimum order of 30 kilograms which includes port to door service.

If you don’t want to be lazy about delivering goods to the shipping office, you can choose to save money. You only pay 6000 per kg. Your goods will be picked up by the courier. You just have to sit back and wait for your package to be picked up by the courier because it includes door to door service with a minimum of 100 kilograms.

Mitralogitics serves shipping by land, sea, air. If you are interested or want to inquire about shipping or want to order a promo rate that Mitra Logistics offers, you can directly click the button below or contact our customer service.

3. how to choose the best Surabaya Palembang expedition service on Facebook?

1.1 Browse through search groups or facebook pages


For those of you who want to find a Surabaya Palembang shipping service, you can search for it with the hashtag #jasaekspedisisurabayapalembang. Later, many groups or pages will appear on Facebook containing expedition services. You will find the Mitralogistics homepage. You can go directly to Mitralogistics Facebook and look for promos there before the promos run out.

Facebook Mitra Logistics

1.2 Check the reputation of Surabaya Palembang expedition services on Facebook

by looking at the contents of the comments on the post on the Facebook account for the Surabaya Palembang expedition service you can find out their reputation, if comments on the account posts are turned off questions can arise. Why is the content of comments turned off or limited? Is there a problem with the reputation of the courier service or the expedition is a problematic service.

Mitralogistics opens access to comments on its Facebook posts, which of course you won’t be worried if you use shipping services at logistics partners. Because we are not a troubled expedition, Mitralogistics is a trusted expedition service and rarely complains because we prioritize the best service for our customers.

1.3      Find out the types of offers given in Facebook posts


How to find out what shipping service offers are on a Facebook account. It’s really easy. You just have to look at Facebook stories or Facebook posts on a shipping service account. For example, MitraLogistics posted a post for moving houses from Surabaya to Palembang. So if you want to know the type of delivery you can directly find out on the Facebook account of the shipping service you choose.

1.4      Find out the service offerings provided in Facebook posts


You’ve seen the post, but you still don’t understand how the services provided by the expedition service can directly DM or comment on the expedition service’s Facebook account. I want to recommend a Facebook account that has an active shipping service and often replies to comments, namely Mitralogistics. If you want to request this type of service, you can directly comment or chat to the Mitralogistics Facebook homepage.

So, are you interested in ordering delivery of goods via Facebook MitraLogistics, you can go straight to the MitraLogistics Facebook account.

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4.Calculate the Volume Weight of Goods

Most of the goods sent via the Surabaya Palembang cargo expedition service will be calculated using volume weight because it takes up quite a lot of space. Items that are usually counted using volumetric weight are items packed in boxes/cardboards, wooden packing, items that have empty space on the inside, items that are irregular in shape, and many more. Volume weight will be used as the basis for calculating cargo rates if it is higher than the actual weight (scales), therefore it is important for those of you who will use the services of a Surabaya Palembang cargo expedition to calculate volume weight.

Volume Weight Formula

volume calculation formula via:

  • Land = (p x l x t)/4000
  • Sea = (p x l x t)/4000
  • Air = (p x l x t)/6000

5. Cheap Surabaya to Palembang Shipping Expedition Area


Currently, many people are looking for cheap safe expedition services from Surabaya, which is a need for business activities, both agencies, companies and individuals. The presence of goods delivery services at the lowest cost, such as MITRA LOGISTICS, makes it easier for you to send goods to provinces on the island of Java to the island of Sumatra at an affordable cost but with maximum service and guaranteed goods safety until they reach their destination.

If you want to send goods between islands by land, sea and air. Then, which areas are covered by land freight forwarding routes at MITRA LOGISTICS? Of course, because shipments are made using ground cargo and have fast delivery estimates for the following areas:

Intercity delivery
Surabaya – palembang Palembang surabaya


6.Surabaya Expedition Services to Palembang and throughout Indonesia

Cheap Surabaya Expedition Services to Palembang and to all regions are the main choice of consumers for all expedition needs with inter-island shipping throughout Indonesia. has branches spread across big cities and is also equipped with main services from LOGISTICS PARTNERS including:

  • Delivery Service Via Land Surabaya Palembang
    Shipping services Via Surabaya Palembang Sea
    Delivery service Via air Surabaya palembang
    Surabaya Palembang Motorcycle delivery service
    Surabaya Palembang spare parts delivery service
    Surabaya Palembang Car Body delivery service
    Surabaya Palembang Car Delivery Services
    Expedition services for heavy equipment delivery in Surabaya, Palembang
    Surabaya palembang machine delivery service
    Surabaya house moving services to palembang
    Surabaya office relocation services to palembang
    Surabaya Container Rental Services to Palembang
    Surabaya Trucking Services to Palembang
    Surabaya Electronic Equipment goods delivery service to palembang
    Such as: TV, Refrigerator, Computer
    Delivery service for Household Appliances in Surabaya, Palembang
    Surabaya Palembang Furniture delivery service
  • Furniture delivery services from Surabaya to PalembangSuch as Cabinets, Sofas, Kitchen Sets.
  • Commodity delivery service Surabaya palembangSuch as: Agricultural Products, Mining Products), Foodstuffs, Textiles, Medical Devices/Machines, Chemicals, Generators.
  • Delivery service for Surabaya Palembang Iron PipeSuch as: Earth stakes/nails*, concrete poles*.*Objects that are long, not more than 40 feet.
  • Delivery service for Surabaya Palembang Sports EquipmentSuch as: Fitness/Gym (Barbell, Dumbbell, Bench, Static Bicycle, Smith Machine, Treadmill, Leg Press Machine).
  • Cable delivery service from Surabaya to Palembang
  • Delivery service for building materials from Surabaya to Palembang

Seperti : Semen, Batu-Bata, Besi Ulir) Mesin Industri, Mesin dan Alat-Alat Pabrik, Tangki Air.

  • Machine delivery service to Surabaya, Palembang
  • Spare part delivery service to Surabaya, Palembang
  • Heavy equipment delivery services from Surabaya to PalembangSuch as: excavators, forklifts, stone crushers, factory machines, tractor machines, agricultural equipment, pumping machines, mechanical seals)
  • delivery service valve Surabaya Palembangsuch as: iron pipes, towers, haspel / fiber optic cables, chemicals, fertilizers
  • delivery services for medical devices to Surabaya, Palembangsuch as: laboratory equipment, safety equipment, medicines, convection & textiles (T-shirts, shirts, clothes, uniforms) computers, air conditioners, tvs, refrigerators, furniture
  • delivery services for Industrial Needs in Surabaya, Palembangsuch as: Generators, Ups, Valves, Water Treatment, Electrical Panels, Solar Panels / Solar Cell, oil, Tubes.
  • Delivery service for printing goods Surabaya PalembangSuch as: brochures, magazines, calendars, invitations, posters, banners and others.

7.Inform Delivery with Details

For those of you who want to send goods, you can directly contact our customer service and provide detailed delivery information to avoid unwanted things, here are some important points for each delivery information that you need to convey:

Delivery address, closely related to the pick-up and delivery process to the destination. An unclear address will make it difficult for our team to find the location and will also be detrimental to you as the sender because it can result in the delivery process not being on time.

A telephone number that is easy to contact, so that if our courier has trouble finding your address, you can easily call the number listed.

The type of goods is also important to convey in detail because it relates to the pick-up process, delivery capacity, packing costs, and so on. This also needs detail because there are items that we may not be able to help deliver. such as: explosive/flammable goods, hazardous chemicals, cigarettes, etc.

Number of Koli, we will use this information for the type of pick-up vehicle or vehicle for the delivery process that will be used.

what questions are frequently asked

  1. What is the name of the Surabaya Palembang expedition service that has a free pick-up service?

    The name of the Surabaya Palembang shipping service that has a free pick-up service so that it makes it easier for you in every shipping expedition to Surabaya to Palembang is a LOGISTICS PARTNER

  1. What is the name of the Surabaya Palembang shipping service that can deliver goods throughout Indonesia?

    Mitralogistics Serves Expedition Shipping from Surabaya to Palembang and all parts of Indonesia with fast lead times and cheap rates. Also with friendly, and competent service.

  1. What is the name of safe shipping services and Mitralogistics provides safe packing?

    Mitralogistics shipping services provide additional packaging services such as wooden packing, cardboard packing, plastic packing and foam foam packing. Apart from providing packing to make it even more secure, Mitralogistics has insurance that will protect your shipments.

    How have you been helped and know how to send goods? Hopefully this article can help you find the best delivery service in the city of Surabaya, Palembang. If you are interested in ordering goods, you can chat with our customer service to number 0812-5883-387.

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