Affordable Expedition Surabaya Malang

Affordable Expedition Surabaya Malang

  • expedition surabaya malang – the city of Surabaya and the city of Malang which both come from the island of Java, which have a very close distance of about 2 hours, if you use a car that goes through the toll road because the distance is only about 95 km according to Google maps. Because of the close distance, many people or entrepreneurs use the Malang Surabaya freight forwarding service to send goods from Malang Surabaya.

Especially if you are an online shop business owner, of course you will often send your goods between cities, such as Surabaya Malang shipping, therefore you need a Surabaya Malang freight forwarding service that can have fast service so that the goods ordered by the buyer can arrive quickly.

However, apart from needing the fastest service, you need to increase the trust of your customers or prospective customers. This is very important because it can increase customer trust, especially if you are an online shop business owner who has just started a business or want to increase your sales turnover.

Tips to increase customer trust:

1.Pay attention to the quality of the product that you will send

  • Before sending goods, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the quality of the goods you send, first check the goods you send so that the goods you send turn out to be defective. For example, if you send a laptop to your buyer but it turns out that when you receive the laptop, the screen is damaged.
  • Then what if you have sent the item in good condition but when it reaches the buyer, the item turns out to be damaged because you didn’t pack the item properly. So that it’s not complicated, you need an expeditionary service that can simultaneously provide goods packing services, Mitralogistics is an expeditionary service that offers goods packing services.
  • Mitralogitics guarantees the security of packing your goods because it adjusts the type of packaging material according to the type of goods, for example if the item you are sending is a machine then we provide wood packing services and also add lots of Styrofoam or bubblewrap so that the goods sent are guaranteed safety, so you don’t have to I’m tired again thinking about how to pack and choose the Surabaya to Malang expedition because MitraLogistics can meet your needs.
  1. Don’t send the wrong product
  • Have you ever been complained by a buyer due to the wrong delivery of goods? Because the item that you sent was wrongly sent or exchanged. which was caused by negligence, make sure to check the goods so that the goods that reach the buyer’s hands are not wrong.
  • Then what if it turns out that the wrong delivery of goods was carried out by the expeditionary party who attached the wrong receipt? So don’t be tempted by low-priced expedition services but don’t send goods properly.
  • Mitralogistics has never been wrong in sending products, our team always checks carefully and we try our best not to make mistakes in sending goods. So Mitralogistics can be an option if because we won’t disappoint your customers because we have a team that works professionally and ensures there are no errors in delivery.
  1. Show customer testimonialsShow evidence of customer testimonials on social media so that you can strengthen customer trust, place evidence of testimonials in easy-to-find places such as on social media posts, on the website’s main page, or on product pages.
  2. Use Mitralogistics as a freight forwarder

Because Mitralogistics always tries to provide the best service for shipping goods, so your customers won’t be disappointed. Here are some of the advantages of Mitra Logistics in this field of shipping:

4.1 Goods Insurance

You can add all the goods that you send at Mitra Logistics with insurance from us so that the goods you send are safe. Because Mitralogistics has definitely worked with an insurance company that is trusted by the public. Especially if the goods you want to send are expensive and valuable, of course, you need insurance.

4.2 Goods packing services

If you don’t have time or don’t want to be tired to pack your things so there’s no damage. Logistics partners can be your choice because we offer a service for packing your goods, starting from using boxes, sacks, bubble warp, ordinary packaging, wooden packaging to pallets. To adjust the type and nature of your goods. By packing your goods at us, you will be charged more according to your needs.

4.3 Tracking the delivery process

With this tracking feature you can find out who you are. To use this feature you can use it on the MITRALOGISTICS website, so you can be a customer or you can track the location of the goods sent so you don’t need to be afraid and hesitate to send goods to Mitralogistics.

4.4 Free surveys

The survey is a very important and very useful process, the survey process is carried out by checking your shipment before shipping, the thing to check is the volume of the goods and the weight capacity of the goods, so we can conclude the shipping rates.

Mitralogistics has a free survey service, so your goods will be surveyed by our team for free. Not all shipping services have free survey services, so take advantage of our free survey services.

Expedition Services Surabaya Malang Partner logistics

Logistics partners themselves also offer various types of a Surabaya Malang expedition service that you can choose according to what you will need. Here are some of the shipping services available:

  1. Delivery via ground

By going through a land route, of course you will pay much cheaper compared to other routes such as via sea and air. However, using a landline is possible with other routes. For terms of time depending on the distance of the city.

2. By Sea

By using a sea route, you can send your goods in larger quantities compared to other routes.

3. By Air

If you want to use an air delivery service, you will get the advantage that your goods will arrive much faster. However, you will pay higher rates but are still affordable in your pocket.

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Logistics Partner Expedition Services

Surabaya Expedition Service to Malang and throughout the region is the main choice of consumers for all expedition needs with inter-island shipping throughout Indonesia. Mitra Logistics has branch offices spread across big cities and is also equipped with main services and services from Mitra Logistics. Here are some services from Logistics Partners:

1,Poor Surabaya Car Delivery Services
2.Malang Motorbike delivery service
3.Malang Surabaya house moving services
4.Malang Surabaya apartment moving services
5.Malang Surabaya office moving services
6.Services for sending heavy equipment to Surabaya, Malang
7.Delivery service for industrial goods in Malang Surabaya
8.Delivery service for textiles from Malang to Surabaya
9.Malang Surabaya machine delivery service
10.Services for sending building materials and tools to Surabaya, Malang
11.Services for sending agricultural production materials to Malang Surabaya
12.Services for sending stationery to Surabaya, Malang
13.Services for sending agricultural products to Malang Surabaya
14.Services for sending electronic goods to Surabaya Malang
15.Delivery services for office supplies in Malang
16.Poor Surabaya document delivery service
17.Poor Surabaya rice delivery service
18.Services for sending fruits to Surabaya Malang
19.Delivery service for frozen meat to Surabaya, Malang
20.Malang Surabaya snack delivery service
21.Delivery service for washing machines in Malang
22.Refrigerator delivery service in Malang Surabaya
23.Services for sending clothes to Surabaya Malang
24.Malang Surabaya book delivery service
25.Surabaya laptop delivery service to Malang
26.Camera delivery service from Surabaya to Malang
27.Refrigerator delivery service from Malang Surabaya
28.Smartphone delivery service from Surabaya to Malang
29.Mukena delivery service from Surabaya Malang
30.Glass delivery service from Malang Surabaya
31.Malang Surabaya bag delivery service
32.Surabaya toy delivery service to Malang
33.Poor Surabaya table delivery service
34.Malang Surabaya chair delivery service
35.Malang fan delivery service
36.Surabaya perfume delivery service, Malang

Cheap services expedition surabaya malang Rates

Mitra Logistics is an expeditionary service that will continue to provide the best service to its customers by providing solutions and services for goods delivery. Delivery of goods or packages tailored to your needs which is certainly safer, faster, and of course cheaper for the goods or packages that you will send.

We provide shipping by land, sea, air. The rates from Jakarta to Palembang that Mitra Logistics offers are, of course, cheaper than other shipping services. For more details, you can click the button below or contact our customer service.

Questions that are often asked by poor Surabaya expedition services:

1.What is the name of the Surabaya Palembang expedition service that sends goods with guaranteed security?

Mitralogistics is a Surabaya Palembang delivery service that guarantees security because we work with insurance companies, so the goods you send are safe in the hands of the recipient.

2.What are the advantages of MitraLogistics over other shipping services?

Mitralogistics has the advantage of the lowest rates, timely delivery, fast response customer service and has complete service facilities.

3.How to place an order at Mitralogistics?

For those of you who want to use MITRALOGISTICS expedition services, all expedition service companies can send goods, but not all expedition services can be trusted. Here’s how to send goods at MITRALOGISTICS:

  1. Make sure you have communicated with our customer service at Number 0812-6210-4995 a/n Cut Ayu
  2. Don’t forget to pack the items you want to send according to the type of goods, you can use standard packing for goods that are not easily damaged or you can also use wooden packing with bubble wrap for items that are easily damaged. if you don’t want to bother you can use packing services from MITRALOGISTICS for safer packaging of goods.
  3. Also make sure the items you want to send are neatly packed if not (MITRALOGISTICS also provides packing services)
  4. Also make sure the items you want to send are neatly packed if not (MITRALOGISTICS also provides packing services)
  5. Goods will be weighed by our team
  6. after all the processes are complete, you can ask for a receipt from the expedition service. Use the delivery receipt to check the delivery status of your goods on the website, you can also ask our customer service about the status of the goods delivery.
  7. Goods will be delivered to your destination

Nb : If there is a delay in delivery, our customer service will contact you.

So simple, not using expedition services from MITRALOGISTICS. You only need to sit quietly at home, your goods have been delivered to their destination.

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