Affordable Surabaya Expeditions All Over Indonesia

Affordable Surabaya Expeditions All Over Indonesia


Affordable Surabaya Expeditions All Over Indonesia is your trusted logistics partner, offering cost-effective and efficient solutions for all your shipping and transportation needs. Whether you’re a business looking to move goods or an individual with cargo to transport, we provide comprehensive services that cover the entire Indonesian archipelago.

The growing industry in the city of Surabaya has made many entrepreneurs need Surabaya expedition services to send goods between regions.

This is because Surabaya is the second largest city in Indonesia which has a high level of business development.

Many industrial entrepreneurs and SMEs often send their goods or products by looking for cheap Surabaya expedition services that can promise security in ordering goods and usually use cargo. Cargo Surabaya is currently one of the choices of entrepreneurs.

Often the problem for entrepreneurs when sending goods is looking for security guarantees accompanied by low prices but easy to claim, there are many shipping services that only deliver goods and are not given extra security guarantees. For example, third party insurance.

Why is insurance needed when ordering Expedition Services?

Even though there are Surabaya expedition services that provide insurance for free, often the problem or problem is how to claim insurance that is difficult to claim.

As entrepreneurs, we need expedition services that provide safe insurance, logistics partners are here to provide the best and of course safe expedition services.

various types of insurance cover, namely the All Risk package and the Tlo package.

1. What is the all risk package?

According to Allianz, this type of All Risk Insurance protects the car more thoroughly from various damages. Starting from minor damage, such as fine scratches, dents, or other minor damage, to major damage, such as a collision that results in a deformed car body or car theft, all of this can be covered as long as it is in accordance with what is written in the policy. Not just protection for yourself from moving objects around, comprenhensive type insurance can extend a more comprehensive protection.

This expansion includes the possibility of natural disasters such as floods or earthquakes, car damage caused by riots or riots, to third party liability if the cause of an accident causes another driver to be injured.

2. What is TLO Insurance? (Total Loss Only)

According to Allianz Insurance is insurance that provides protection for cars from the risk of loss. TLO covers the risk due to theft and damage if the repair costs are estimated to be equal to or exceed 75 percent of the value of the vehicle immediately before the loss. Losing a car due to theft by an irresponsible person is also considered a total damage, so TLO insurance will cover losses for this loss.

As an illustration, a car had an accident that was bad enough to have to make repairs that cost around IDR 150 million. When estimated, the price of the car is worth Rp. 200 million. Considering the number of repairs needed, the damage to the car can be categorized above 75 percent so that the damage will be covered by TLO insurance.

But keep in mind that TLO insurance does not provide coverage if the car suffers minor damage of less than 75 percent. Damage such as a dented car bumper or theft of a rearview mirror cannot be compensated for. The cost of minor repairs or replacements will be borne by the owner.

Mitralogistics provides insurance services by cooperating with insurers not as providing insurance guarantees.

Surabaya Expedition to All of Indonesia

when you choose a service provided by a logistics partner, we will notify your delivery process so that it reaches its destination, the following is the delivery process carried out by the logistics partner:

1. Loading

Loading is a process in which the goods in this process are known as putting the consignment into the transportation truck.


Unloading is the reverse process of loading, in which the consignment will be removed from the delivery truck

3. Packing

The packing process in which the goods sent will be packed properly and neatly first, so the risk of damage to the delivered goods will be reduced.

4. Trucking

Trucking is a service provided at logistics partners to track the goods you are sending and find out the progress of the goods.

5. Surveys

Survey  is a very useful service, in which the goods to be sent will be checked first from the volume of goods to the capacity of goods.

Advantages of Logistics Partners in shipping goods

is a Logistics Partner trusted by many customers and you don’t need to worry about the goods sent. Here are the advantages that logistics partners have:

  • More economical shipping rates

Logistics partners provide tariffs that are somewhat more economical and competitive, which are suitable for all consumers.

  • Fast response customer service

If you are confused, you can ask a question to call justify, we are ready to quickly answer and resolve your complaint.

  • Professional team

The team from partner company Logistics is very professional and has followed the shipping procedures so you don’t worry about your shipment.

  • On time delivery schedule

Logistics partners’ delivery schedules are always regular and on time, so this won’t hinder your activities.

  • Easy to check the journey of your goods

In addition to the lowest prices, you can also monitor your shipments, our monitoring system is connected directly via the Internet network and uses the receipt number we have provided.

Therefore, this is very useful for those of you who want to immediately monitor how your goods are being sent. You can check the tracking of your order on the main page of the Logistics Partner website.

Cheap Affordable Surabaya Expeditions All Over Indonesia

Logistic Partners provide the best service to customers and provide solutions in serving goods delivery. Delivery of goods or packages tailored to your needs which is certainly safer, faster, and of course cheaper for the goods or packages that you will send.

We provide shipping by land, sea, air. The rates from Surabaya that Logistics Partners offer are of course very friendly to your pocket compared to other shipping services.

Calculate the Weight of the Volume of Goods

Most of the goods sent via cargo expeditions are calculated using volume weight because they take up quite a lot of space.

Items that are usually counted using volumetric weight are items packed in boxes/cardboards, wooden packing, items that have empty space on the inside, items that are irregular in shape, and many more.

Volume weight will be used as the basis for calculating cargo rates if it is higher than the actual weight (scales), therefore it is important for those of you who will use the services of the Jakarta Pekanbaru cargo expedition to calculate volume weight.

Volume Weight Formula

volume calculation formula via:

Land = (p x w x h)/4000
Sea = (p x w x h)/4000
Air = (p x w x h)/6000

Cheap Surabaya Expedition Shipping Destinations

Expedition or goods delivery is a very important factor in the supply of goods, mainly serving goods delivery services by sea, to various destinations in all regions in Indonesia.

Logistics partners are cheap Surabaya expedition services to all regions in Indonesia that are able to deliver goods between cities and also between islands. We also send your goods by sea, land and air depending on your destination.

  •  Papua
  •  Timika
  •  Jayapura
  •  Surabaya
  •  Biak
  • Merauke
  • Manokwari
  •  Sorong
  •  Banjarmasin
  •  Balikpapan
  • Samarinda
  •  Palangkaraya
  • Gorontalo
  • Kendari
  • Makassar
  • Surabaya
  • Surabaya
  • Atambua
  • Waingapu
  • Kupang
and so forth.

Items that are usually sent in Surabaya

There are many types of goods that Logistics Partners can send:

1. Corrections and textiles

t-shirts, shirts, clothing, electronics, furniture, industrial needs: generators, servers, ups, valves, water treatment, solar panels, solar panels, oil cylinders, certificates, calendars, posters, banners

2. Promotional items, machinery and spare parts

heavy equipment, excavators, forklifts, crushers, machine factories, tractor engines, agricultural equipment, steel tubes, tubes, towers, cables / fiber optics, chemicals, fertilizers, aques (medical equipment), laboratory equipment, safety equipment, medicines and others .

Are you still confused about choosing a Surabaya expedition service?

If you are still confused, we have customer service providing customer service every day non-stop to help you choose your delivery service and provide economical prices.

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