Affordable batam Surabaya Expedition

Affordable batam Surabaya Expedition


Surabaya Batam Expedition via sea – now sending a lot of goods from Surabaya to Batam, you don’t have to worry about shipping costs, just use Surabaya Batam cargo at Mitralogistics. Your goods will be sent on time, safely and get affordable rates.

Want even cheaper? Choose the Surabaya batam expedition via sea. Because if you use sea transportation, you will get cheap postage and a larger space capacity.


Trusted Surabaya Batam Expedition

We all know that nowadays it is not easy to find Surabaya Batam expeditions via trusted sea, especially considering the transportation routes, namely via sea, which often makes business people anxious, afraid that their goods will be washed away at sea and even afraid that their goods will be robbed by pirates.

So you have to be smart in choosing the Surabaya Batam expedition, so that your goods can arrive safely. Mitralogistics is here to help with the delivery of your goods because we are the best, most trusted and cheapest Surabaya Batam shipping service specialists.

If you don’t want your items to be lost or damaged, it’s a good idea to see the tips below


Avoid this if you don’t want your items to be lost or damaged on the way:

  1. Do not choose Surabaya Batam expedition services that are late in sending goods.

Don’t let it be when you ship the goods. Your item was sent past the estimated limit. For example the estimated time is 14 days but up to 2 months your item has not arrived, if that happens you should immediately complain about it as soon as possible to the expedition.

But don’t worry, not all Surabaya Batam expeditions are like that, there are still honest and responsible expeditions. For example, our Mitralogistics is an honest and trustworthy professional shipping service for Surabaya Batam via sea.

If at any time there is a delay in estimating our team will help check the position of your order. All you have to do is contact Mitralogistics customer service, our team will help inform you as best as possible.


  1. Don’t choose the cheap Surabaya Batam expedition which is difficult to check the delivery status.

This is very fatal. Avoid choosing a Batam Surabaya delivery service that has tracking receipts that are difficult to check. because you will find it difficult to see the position and location of your items.

then how do you find cheap Surabaya Batam expeditions that can keep you safe? Look at the customer service for the Surabaya Batam shipping service, if you have customer service that is difficult to contact or is inactive, stay away from the expedition immediately.

But don’t worry, there are still Surabaya Batam expedition services that you can rely on, such as Mitralogistics. Mitralogistics has active customer service and is always ready to answer customer questions.



  1. Don’t choose a cheap Surabaya Batam expedition that has a bad rating.

Don’t be tempted by cheap rates, try checking customer reviews. If there are many bad ratings about shipping. Can you still send your best productions to be destroyed in their hands?

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Are you not afraid that your goods will be damaged on the way or even lost? Don’t just because it’s 500 silver different. You want your goods to be treated arbitrarily. Therefore, choose an expeditionary service that can treat your goods well, for example, Mitralogistics.


Mitralogistics is a Surabaya Batam expedition service which is well known for having the best review rating of 4.8 on Google.

Why do so many of our customers give a good rating to our delivery? Because we always treat all customer goods as valuables, no matter what’s inside the goods.

We keep and protect your goods safely, our drivers are always loyal to deliver your goods on the way. No matter the heat or even traffic jams on the way, our drivers still deliver your goods without being lazy. Because customer satisfaction is number one for us.


Surabaya batam delivery service

Now you don’t need to worry about sending goods, because MitraLogistics will help you with all types of delivery of your goods. Namely services:

  1. Surabaya batam delivery service
  2. Surabaya Batam moving services, namely Surabaya Batam office moving services, Surabaya Batam house moving services and Surabaya Batam boarding house moving services.
  3. Motorcycle delivery service Surabaya Batam
  4. Surabaya Batam car delivery services


Surabaya Batam shipping rates

Only paying 7,400 per kg, you can send goods from Surabaya Batam with a minimum order of 100 kg which includes door to door service.

You can also get a redeem-saving promo, you only pay 8,500 per kg with a minimum order of 50 kg which includes door to door service.


Cargo SurabayaBatam

1.Cargo via ground Surabaya Batam

Ground cargo shipments use ground transportation for goods delivery using trains, cars, trucks, containers.

2.Cargo via sea Surabaya Batam

Shipping cargo Surabaya Batam via sea using ship transportation which is usually used for shipping goods between islands and between countries that contain large goods and large weights.

3.Cargo via air Surabaya Batam

Surabaya batam cargo shipping via air has the advantage that the goods arrive quickly even though the fare costs are longer because it uses airplane transportation.

Questions that are often asked when shipping goods

1.What items are sent from Surabaya Batam?

Industrial goods, industrial tools, machines, textile materials, chemicals, electronic equipment and others.

2.What is the name of the trusted Surabaya Batam expedition service?

Mitralogistics is a Trusted Surabaya Batam shipping service because we have often sent a lot of goods from Surabaya to Batam safely.

The final word

So many articles on the Surabaya Batam expedition, hopefully it can help you find a trusted Surabaya Batam shipping service. if you have any questions you can directly chat with our customer service to whatsapps number 08125883387 (cut ayu Agustina).

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