Send a Parcel to Indonesia | Send Happines

Send a Parcel to Indonesia | Send Happines


Send a Parcel to Indonesia– Indonesia is a country in Southeast Asia. with over 279 million populations, Indonesia is the world’s fourth-most populous country in the world.

The large population in Indonesia makes the economy in this country really busy. So that to send a parcel from one place to another place is usual to committed.

What is a Parcel?

Heard word of a parcel, maybe in our mind is a basket full of gifts filled with food or items neatly decorated.

Parcel is a loan word from English, namely parcel which means something that has been wrapped. 

A parcel is a package which is sent at a particular time. The goal of sending a parcel is shipping for happiness in a special time.

Additionally, a parcel is a reward for the closest people. Kind of family, beloved, and employee worked in a company. Generally, A parcel contains food that can be served on a table during Eid.

4 Types Send a Parcel 

These are 4 types that are usually used to send a parcel such as:

1. Eid Parcel

Indonesia is one of the countries with the largest Muslims in the world. When the Eid season arrives. The society of Muslims will celebrate Eid. The tradition of this season is to exchange a parcel with one another.

Whereas the contents of the parcel have various such as food, snacks, and equipment of worship wrapped neatly.

2. Parcel at The Birth of a Baby

To celebrate the happy moment many people give a parcel when they visit their family who has been just born. This moment shows up as a happy moment to grab a new baby or new life.

Usually, the parcel contains equipment for the baby such as baby clothes, toys, Hygiene grooming essentials, etc.

3. Parcel for Wedding

Wedding are occasions joyful for two souls in love. To celebrate this ceremony, many people give a parcel as a gift of it. At this moment, if you are being a guest of the wedding. The thoughtful moment for you gives a parcel that reflects your heartfelt congratulations and contributes to the joy of the newlyweds.

4. Parcel for Employees

When Eid arrives, the culture of Indonesia usually the company will give Eid allowance to every employees at this moment. Besides that, the company also gives a parcel to their employees as a form of happiness.

Send a Parcel to Indonesia

Send a Parcel to Indonesia can be straightforward if you know the true process. Whether you send a parcel containing food, snack, or anything reward for your family or your beloved to show your happiness expression about the ceremony event.


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This article will guide you with comprehensive insight tips on how the way to send a parcel to Indonesia.

1. Select a Reliable Shipping Carrier

Selecting a reliable carrier is really important for your parcel. Compare and research different carriers based on their experience and reputation.

2. Package your Parcel Securely

To ship a parcel you have to notice carefully. Packing materials of parcel to protect from damage. Consider the nature of the contents and choose packaging accordingly. 

3. Pay Attention to Prohibited Items

Particular items are prohibited from being shipped to Indonesia. Check the specific restrictions and prohibitions to avoid any complications.

Specialist Parcel Delivery Mitralogisitcs

Mitralogistics is one of the companies which serve to ship a parcel to Indonesia.

We are very experienced in shipping a parcel, especially for Indonesia.

Mitralogistics knows that sending a parcel is the same as sending happiness.

Because of that Mitralogistics does not contaminate the happy day with disappointment.

If you want to know more information about sending a parcel you can text us by clicking the button Whatsapp below. 

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