Expedition Surabaya Samarinda Cheap and Fast

Expedition Surabaya Samarinda Cheap and Fast


Surabaya Samarinda Expedition – Surabaya and samarinda are two big cities that have economies with high business activity, even though they have locations that are far apart and separated by different times. For those of you entrepreneurs from the cities of Surabaya and Samarinda who need freight forwarding services, of course you have to choose the cheapest Surabaya Samarinda expedition.

But don’t be tempted at low prices, choose a delivery service that has good customer service, so that if there are problems with delivery, you will of course contact the shipping service customer service for your complaints. For example, if there is a delay in delivery, damage to goods, problems with incorrectly collecting shipping costs, the first person you are looking for is the customer service for the expedition service.

Sometimes what gets annoying is when the customer doesn’t respond well and makes us as customers dissatisfied and feel we haven’t been served professionally. Therefore we need a delivery service whose customer service is kind, friendly and provides solutions to shipping problems.

Why do we choose the Surabaya Samarinda expedition at low rates if the quality of the customer service is not what we expect, maybe if there is a problem or negligence in shipping we will have difficulty asking for help or accountability. So costumers service has an important role in the delivery of goods.

Mitralogistics CS has advantages over other courier:

1. Customer service responds too long

Who isn’t annoyed if your chat takes a long time to reply, you’ll surely be disappointed. Customer service must not ignore customer chats or calls because it causes customer dissatisfaction. Sometimes that makes it difficult for customer service to respond quickly because they only handle themselves and don’t have a team.

Mitralogistics has 5 active and contactable customer services, we have the advantage of being friendly and active. So if you want to order or want to ask questions related to shipping you will get a faster response and the most complete information that you can compare with other courier services.

2.Customer service cannot be contacte

The reason why the customer service cannot be contacted can occur due to the unprofessional attitude of the customer service, for example the customer service falls asleep during working hours, the customer service is busy watching Drakor to the point of ignoring customer calls.

Maybe if there is damage or loss of goods you will have difficulty contacting customer service due to the unprofessional customer service attitude which can make you experience a loss of time, money and customers. Mitralogistics has many professional customer services that you can contact, we will try to answer your questions and reply to your messages and not ignore you.

3. Customer service does not listen to customer complaints

Who wouldn’t be annoyed if your complaint or criticism wasn’t heard, even though the reason you criticized customer service was because the item sent was partially lost or damaged. You have to avoid shipping service customer service who doesn’t hear your complaints, look for a shipping service that has customer service who wants to listen to your criticisms and complaints.

Mitralogistics has a customer service that will listen to customer complaints because we provide customer service training and our management provides full support, so we will listen and provide the best solution.

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4. Customer service is not friendly

How can you convince the buyer to place an order if the customer service is just rude, grumpy when contacted, you are definitely not in the mood to place an order. You’d better pay more as long as you can get friendlier customer service, Mitralogistics has customer service that is polite, friendly and respects customers.

Mitralogistics CS has advantages compared to other c0urier services:

  1. it’s easier for us to greet customers in a friendly and polite manner on the phone or when visited by customers.
  2. we better listen to customers well and provide quick response.
  3. we better understand customer complaints and try to help answer customer questions properly.
  4. we are better able to provide clear and accurate information about the services provided.
  5. we act with respect for our customers by not ignoring customers or showing impatience or disrespect for customers.

So how are you guys interested in trying the Surabaya to Samarinda expedition from Mitralogistics?


Cheap Expedition Services from Surabaya to Samarinda

Nowadays there are lots of freight forwarding service providers that we often encounter, whether it’s when we’re traveling or from the website. We are Logistics Partners as a provider of freight forwarding services, have a professional team and have many testimonials from customers who can help you carry out an expedition for shipping goods from Surabaya to Samarinda at the lowest rate and with the best delivery speed.

Cargo Surabaya Samarinda

When you need a service that can provide easy delivery at low prices, you can use MitraLogistics, because we are the best cargo service specialists for shipping to Surabaya, Samarinda.

The types of cargo items that are often ordered at Mitralogistics are:

1.General Cargo Goods

which are not dangerous in nature and are not easily damaged, rotten or die easily and the size can fit inside the aircraft room, for example: shipments of clothes (garments), spare parts, and electronics.

2.Cargo special

Items that require special handling, for example Live Animals such as chicks, fish and there is also Human Remain (HUM), namely corpses using coffins. For goods no. 1, if the goods are easily damaged, then it is appropriate to use this type of cargo. There are also perfumes and human organs and diplomatic mail.

3. Dengerous Goods is usually known as DG

Examples of these items are machines, bullets, firecrackers, fireworks, items that evaporate such as Hydrogen and items that are liquid in nature.

Services Provided by Logistics Partners

Mitra Logistics has a wide range of safe and reliable freight forwarding services. With the complete fleet that you have, you don’t need to be afraid anymore to carry out expeditions for shipping goods through Logistics Partners. Following are the services we provide:

  • Surabaya-samarinda freight forwarding expedition
  • Project cargo delivery services in Surabaya, Samarinda
  • Car shipping services to Surabaya, Samarinda
  • Motorcycle delivery services to Surabaya, Samarinda
  • Warehouse rental services in Surabaya, Samarinda
  • Surabaya house moving services, samarinda
  • Surabaya Samarinda Apartment moving services
  • Surabaya samarinda office relocation services
  • Heavy equipment delivery services to Surabaya, Samarinda

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Cheap Expedition Rates from Surabaya to Samarinda

Many people complain that the shipping rates provided by courier services are very expensive, this could happen because the shipping process is the fastest way and uses a highly recommended fleet, so it’s adjusted to the price.

You only pay 4 thousand, you can get a cheap redemption promo for Surabaya – Samarinda delivery which includes a port to door service which is suitable for businessmen who want to save your budget with a minimum order of 50 kg, if you are lazy to deliver your goods, you can choose a redeem-saving promo for just 5,500 with door to door service with a minimum of 100 kg.

But, don’t worry because we Logistics Partners have low cost shipping offers that are very suitable for your pocket. Even though the rates are cheap, the performance is still professional and the delivery is also fast and safe. So, it is suitable for all walks of life. For more information, you can click the button below or contact our customer service.

How to calculate the volume weight of goods

Most of the items sent via cargo expeditions will be calculated using volume weight because they take up quite a lot of space. Items that are usually counted using volumetric weight are items packed in boxes/cardboards, wooden packing, items that have empty space on the inside, items that are irregular in shape, and many more. Volume weight will be used as the basis for calculating cargo rates if it is higher than the actual weight (scales), therefore it is important for those of you who will use the services of a Surabaya to Samarinda expedition to calculate volume weight.

Volume Weight Formula

formula for calculating the volume of goods:

• Via Land

(p x l x t)/4000

Via Sea

(p x l x t)/4000

Via Air

(p x l x t)/6000

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the name of the expedition surabaya samarinda service that has the best customer service?

A Surabaya-samarinda shipping service that has good customer service is Mitralogistics

2. What types of cargo are available at Mitralogistics?

The types of cargo available at Mitralogistics are:

  1. Ground cargo

Ground cargo is a freight forwarding service by land using trucks or trains. Lots of enthusiasts Land cargo delivery services because the access road has passed the toll road, so the delivery is faster and the shipping costs are cheaper.

  1. Sea cargo

Sea cargo service is the delivery of goods or cargo sent using a fleet of ships. Shipping using the sea route is very profitable for many people, because the rates using the sea route are very cheap.

  1. Air Cargo

Cargo by air is goods sent without being accompanied by passengers. Delivery can be through airlines or cargo agents (freight forwarders). Packaging done by sea is called a container and packaging by air is called a pallet.

3. Logistics Partner Shipping Expedition Area ?

You don’t need to be afraid anymore to do expeditions for shipping goods because we, Logistics Partners, can deliver goods from Sabang to Merauke or to all regions in Indonesia and abroad. By using a fleet that we rely on, we can carry out all types of goods delivery, be it by sea, air or land.

Well, that’s enough for cheap Surabaya to Samarinda expedition service articles, look forward to our next article. If you have anything you want to ask regarding the Surabaya expedition to Samarinda, you can contact our customer service.

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