Freight Forwarders in Medan, Indonesia

Freight Forwarders in Medan, Indonesia


After a long time of experience in the delivery of goods or usually we called as Logistics within in the country between cities or region  in Indonesia. Now MitraLogistic had started to level up to International World to satisfy the desires of our loyal customer so,  with our pleasure we will help our loyal customer to make it easy to shipping your products to destination country. Not only that we’ll also send it easily and safely. So, that it doesnt make you worry because with he registered permission or legally we’ll make sure your shipment will be safe until the destination country.

Based on data, along with the times in social media many people change their lifestyle . Its mean this makes the increase in the hight value of exports and imports in Indonesia, especially the city of Medan, experiencing a drastic achievement. This case was caused by the increasing needs of the community in Indonesia . As for service or delivery fleet from Medan to other country with the fleet facilities and connections the we have in the world of logistics in delevery of good things , so we have service to make you easy as By Land , Sea , and Air.

The Following items we can shipping to another country are as follows ;

  • Documents
  • Clothes
  • Skincare
  • Medicine or herbal medice
  • Books
  • Spareparts,

Now you dont need to be confused and worries  if you wont to send export and import , we’ve ready every time to help you. Here, we have some steps you must take if you want to place an order for overseas shipping services. as well as ;

  • Make your international shipping strategy
  • Search and Learn about the regulations and regulations of the destination country
  • Determine international shipping costs.

If you wont to ask the pricelist and more info for delivery from medan to malaysia , please Contact us now on whatsapp number (0811 – 6558 – 050 ) Regrats , MitraLogistic


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