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Do you experience difficulties in choosing a safe and reliable moving service expedition in moving your house? as well as with the moving process fast and on schedule? and also what is no less important, of course, with cheap and economical moving price ? now you don’t need to be confused anymore about choosing various moving services throughout Indonesia. Mitra Logistics is a freight forwarding and moving service company that has been proven to provide the best service for their customers.


With various experiences in handling various types of moving services, Mitra Logistics offers a complete solution to ensure your moving process runs smoothly and without problems. Security is one of Mitra Logistics’ main priorities. Their team consists of a trained and professional workforce, ready to provide careful handling and ensure your belongings are kept safe during the moving process. They use effective packaging techniques, utilizing protective equipment such as bubble wrap, special plastic bags, and sturdy cardboard boxes, to protect your valuables from impact or damage during the trip.


In addition, Mitra Logistics also prioritizes speed and timeliness in the moving process. They understand how valuable your time is, and with that they prioritize being on time in delivering your goods to a new location. With a fleet of vehicles that are well maintained and equipped with a GPS tracking system, Mitra Logistics ensures that your goods arrive according to the agreed schedule.


Moving Services

House moving Service

Mitra Logistics offers you moving services to all Place in Indonesia to make it easier for you in the process of moving to a new new house.

Jasa Pindahan

Out of Town Moving Services

Logistics Partner Out-of-town Moving Services for Moving Houses, Offices, Companies from Medan to Inter-islands throughout Java Prices are guaranteed Cheap & Safe Reliable!

Warehouse Moving Services

We offer Warehouse Moving Services to all regions in Indonesia to make it easier for you in the process of moving to a new Warehouse. You just need to sit at home let our team do it.

jasa pindahan

Apartment Moving Service

We offer Apartment Moving Services to all regions in Indonesia at the lowest prices. Sitting quietly at the house moving the apartment is done. Want to? Logistics Partners is the solution.

Boarding House Moving Service

Mitra Logistics also offers moving services for Medan and Jakarta boarding houses at low rates to make it easier for you in the process of moving to a new boarding house. Guaranteed safety!

Office Moving Service

We offer Office Moving Services to all regions in Indonesia to make it easier for you in the process of moving to a new office. You just need to sit at home let our team do it.

The cheapest moving service

Cheap Price

Moving services from Mitra Logistics always provide the cheapest prices for customers who use our services.

Cs Fast Response

Our reliable customer service has been trained to be alert, ready to answer and fast in responding to questions from you at any time.

Free Survey

Before moving we will conduct a survey first so we can determine the fleet to transport your moving goods.

House moving service fleet

Box Car

Box cars are one of the fleets that are commonly used by moving service expedition companies because they can load your moving items.

Colt Diesel Bak

Colt Diesel Bak is one of the fleets that provides relocation services because it has a large enough payload capacity and has an open tub.

Colt Diesel Bak
Colt Diesel Box

Colt Diesel Box

Colt Diesel Box is a fleet that has a payload capacity of 4 tons. This fleet is also often used to make transfers because its capacity is quite large.

Pick Up Car

Pick Up Cars are fleets that are usually used by moving services to move between cities because they have not too much cargo.

Moving Service Workflow Process

Using moving services will really help you when you move houses, offices or apartments. Moving services have several processes starting before the goods are transported or loaded until the goods arrive at their destination and are placed in their place. Here are some of these processes:

  1. Survey

    In addition to collecting data, measuring and calculating the cubic of your moving items, this survey is conducted to check the location and access road of the intended transfer point. The purpose is to calculate the total load of moving goods and determine the type of fleet to be used for moving according to the conditions and width of the road and also in most places this moving survey moving service is free of charge, free of charge.

  2. Price Quotation

    After obtaining the goods data and calculating the amount of cubication of moving goods, the moving service will send an official price quote to the customer. In this process, the customer is allowed to approve or not the price offer given by the moving service.

  3. Dealing / Agreement

    If you agree to the price quote or price agreement that has been offered and the payment process has been completed, then a transfer date will be determined. The Logistics Partners Team will record the time of your move and be ready for move execution.

  4. Transfer Execution

  • Packing Stuff

    If the customer has not wrapped or packed the goods, the moving service will pack the moving goods with packing materials from their own party, so here the customer does not incur costs for packing the goods.

  • Load Stuff

    Loading or transporting moving items into the moving car.

  • Relocation goods delivery

    Delivery of moving goods to the moving location that the customer has previously specified.

  • Unloading cargo

    When the items are unloaded from the moving vehicle upon arrival at the destination address.

  • Arrangement of goods

    Arranging or placing the relocation items back in the positions and rooms as predetermined by the customer.

The Best Solution for Moving Services in Indonesia.

Moving house or office is a complex and tiring process. Starting from packing items, unpacking, lifting, and rearranging, it can consume a significant amount of time and energy. To avoid stress and difficulties during the moving process, it is important to choose a reliable and professional moving service provider. This is why Mitra Logistics is the best solution for moving services throughout Indonesia.

Mitra Logistics is an experienced logistics service provider specializing in residential and office relocation. With a trained team and modern equipment, Mitra Logistics offers efficient and reliable services to ensure your move goes smoothly and without issues.

One of the strengths of Mitra Logistics is its professional team skilled in careful packing, unpacking, and transporting of items. They understand the importance of keeping your belongings safe and undamaged during the moving process. With meticulous handling and the use of protective equipment such as specialized cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, and high-quality tape, Mitra Logistics guarantees optimal protection for all your items.

Furthermore, Mitra Logistics also offers consultation services to help you plan and organize the entire moving process. Their expert team is ready to assist you in determining your specific needs, selecting appropriate vehicles, and scheduling the move at the right time. With a personalized approach and attention to detail, Mitra Logistics ensures your needs are well met.

Reliability and security are also top priorities for Mitra Logistics. The company maintains a well-maintained fleet of vehicles equipped with GPS tracking systems to ensure your items arrive on time at their destination. Mitra Logistics also provides cargo insurance to offer additional protection in case of unexpected loss or damage during the moving process.

Not only that, Mitra Logistics offers competitive and transparent pricing. They provide clear and detailed estimates of the moving costs, so you don’t have to worry about hidden fees. With a combination of high-quality services and affordable prices, Mitra Logistics is a smart choice to meet your moving needs.

So, if you’re in search of a reliable, efficient, and professional moving service, Mitra Logistics is the best partner you can rely on. With a trained team, extensive experience, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, they will help you navigate the moving process calmly and comfortably. Contact Mitra Logistics today and enjoy our services.


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