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Extra Delivery Service



shipping stuff with low cost and fast shipping, faster , more cheap



shipping car verified, fast and cheap  ✅ Car Towing ✅ Car Carrier  ✅ Self Drive.




Warehouse Shipper has a strategic location and is in city centers that are easy to reach from anywhere.



cheapest house moving service, ,  office moving, warehouse moving,  apartment moving, Antar luar kota dan antar pulau. Moving outside the city and country


Project Cargo

cheapest Project Cargo. Delivery of cargo logistics and special goods for companies or agencies



Now you will get air cargo convenience, affordable prices, and more secure goods security.

kiriman sewa kontainer



Serving cargo container services, shipping large goods, heavy equipment, cars and motorbikes between islands throughout Indonesia.

Construction Vehicles


freight forwarding company for heavy equipment and industrial machinery for bulldozers, excavators, forklifts, beko, tractors, and others

The Service We Provide

Door To Door

Door To Door is a service widely used by companies and individuals. Door To Door delivery is generally the most comprehensive delivery method where your goods will be picked up by our team and later your goods will also be delivered to your destination location.

Door To Port

Door to port is a service widely used by companies and individuals. Door To Door delivery is generally the most comprehensive delivery method where your goods will be picked up by our team and later your goods will also be delivered to your destination location. 

Port To Port

This service is the service most used by users. This type of service is a service that does not pick up goods to your place. But you yourself have to deliver your goods to the logistics company’s office. And you yourself have to take care of the documents needed.

Port To Door

The opposite of “Door To Port” is “Port To Door”, a comprehensive shipping service where your goods are collected from the port or airport, and our dedicated team ensures their safe delivery to the final destination. This “Port To Door” service is not limited to domestic shipping; it extends to international shipments as well, making it a versatile choice for your logistics needs.

MITRALOGISTICS service process



Loading is usually known as the process of putting consignment goods into a transportation truck.



The unloading process is the opposite of the loading process in which the goods will be removed from the truck or from the shipping transportation.


Packing is a process where the goods to be sent will be packed in advance for the safety of the sent goods so that there is no damage or destruction during the delivery.



Trucking is the process of tracking your shipments, this is done so that you know the position of your goods and can reduce your worries.



The survey is a very important and very useful process, the survey process is carried out by checking your shipment before shipping, the thing to check is the volume of the goods and the weight capacity of the goods, so that we can conclude the shipping rates.


The presence of MITRALOGISTICS itself started with the many people who wanted to send goods. Therefore, we MITRALOGISTICS provide services of various types to help anyone when you need us. For that, we are here. As a shipping service company, MITRALOGISTICS also provides expedition services for car shipping between cities and between islands throughout Indonesia. Following are the advantages of MITRALOGISTICS :

cheap rates

MITRALOGISTICS always provide low rates for all customers in the community.

Timely Delivery

Delivery on time to meet the quality of service and customer satisfaction.

Customer Service Fast Response

Our Customer Service is always ready to answer and respond quickly in answering questions from you at any time.

Full Service Facility

Various types of services that can meet the needs of shipping your goods to all regions in Indonesia.

How to Order

For those of you who want to use MITRALOGISTICS expedition services, all expedition service companies can send goods, but not all expedition services can be trusted. Here’s how to send goods at MITRALOGISTICS:

1. Make sure you have communicated with our customer service at Number 0812-6210-4995 a/n Cut Ayu

2. Don’t forget to pack the items that you want to send according to the type of goods, you can use standard packing for goods that are not easily damaged or you can also use wooden packing with bubble wrap for items that are easily damaged. if you don’t want to bother you can use packing services from MITRALOGISTICS for safer packaging of goods.

3. Also make sure that the items you want to send are neatly packed if not (MITRALOGISTICS also provides packing services)

4. Wait for our team to pick up the item to your house (after receiving confirmation from our customer service)

5. The goods will be weighed by our team

6. after all the processes are complete, you can ask for a receipt from the expedition service. Use the delivery receipt to check the delivery status of your goods on the website, you can also ask our customer service about the status of the goods delivery.

7. Goods will be delivered to your destination

Nb: If there is a delay in delivery, our customer service will contact you.

So simple, not using expedition services from MITRALOGISTICS. You only need to sit quietly at home, your goods have been delivered to their destination.

Terms of Delivery of Goods MITRALOGISTICS

  • MITRALOGISTICS Goods Shipping Terms
  • delivery time calculation is calculated from the date of delivery for land, and for sea since the ship departs
  • light goods that take up space are calculated using the formula = P x W x H (in cm) / price to the destination
  • calculating the formula for cubication P X L X T: the price of the delivery destination
  • prices are subject to change without prior notification
  • all goods are delivered to our office closest to where you are
  • for goods weighing over 1 ton free pick up
  • pick up costs please consult our staff
  • for large goods and tons of goods we provide engkel trucks or fuso trucks
  • the calculation of the cost of packing wood is the formula P X L X T X 0.8 = (COST)
  • the cost of packing cardboard or plastic, consult our staff
  • return letter or something else, please ask our staff.

Freight Forwarding Services In Indonesia With Cheap, Reliable And Trustworthy Rates


Are you having trouble choosing a safe and reliable freight forwarder? as well as with a fast delivery process and according to schedule? and also no less important of course with cheap and economical shipping rates? now you don’t need to be confused anymore about choosing a freight forwarding service throughout Indonesia. MITRALOGISTICS is an expedition service company that provides the best types of shipping services that can provide solutions to your shipping problems. Here are some of the benefits you get when you ship goods using MITRALOGISTICS.

  1. Advantages of Lower Shipping Rates: MITRALOGISTICS offers competitive and economical shipping rates. They try to provide shipping solutions at affordable costs to meet customer needs.

  2. Delivery process in accordance with procedures: MITRALOGISTICS has a structured and organized delivery procedure. They maintain adherence to set delivery times, ensuring goods are delivered on time and without a hitch.

  3. Insurance available to suit your needs: MITRALOGISTICS provides insurance options to protect your goods during the shipping process. This provides security and guarantees that in the event of damage or loss, you will be adequately compensated.

  4. Customer service yang siap membantu: MITRALOGISTICS memiliki tim customer service yang siap membantu Anda dengan pertanyaan, permintaan, atau masalah yang mungkin Anda alami selama proses pengiriman. Mereka akan memberikan layanan pelanggan yang ramah dan responsif.

  5. Delivery coverage throughout Indonesia: MITRALOGISTICS is able to reach delivery throughout Indonesia. So, no matter where your delivery destination is, they can deliver your goods properly and on time.

  6. Free Pick-up Service: MITRALOGISTICS offers a free pick-up service from your location. This makes it easier for you in the shipping process, because you don’t have to bother bringing goods to their office. They will pick up the goods directly from your place.

  7. The best quality of product packaging: MITRALOGISTICS pays attention to the quality of product packaging. They use safe and high-quality materials to protect your goods during shipping. Thus, your goods will remain safe and in good condition.

  8. Goods tracking and delivery status updates: MITRALOGISTICS provides a goods tracking system that makes it easy for you to track the position and delivery status of your goods. You can easily monitor the journey of goods from delivery to arrival at their destination.

  9. Door to Door Service: MITRALOGISTICS provides Door to Door service, which means they will pick up the goods from your location and deliver them directly to the destination address. This provides convenience and comfort for you, because you don’t have to bother taking care of shipping from the starting point to the ending point.



Trust and trust is “The Biggest Gift” for us to keep maintaining it, we combine Human Resources Capability with Customer Trust Maintainance. PT NAIRA MITRALOGISTICS INDONESIA as a professional service for low-cost goods delivery services in Medan, was born with the business entity CV MITRA TRANS LOGISTICS which has been around since January 17 2011. MITRALOGISTICS is a national company for goods delivery services, motorcycle and car delivery packages. House & office moving services, truck rental services and heavy equipment delivery services via land, sea and air cargo at low prices and the best quality as well as reliable and professional. Trusted MITRALOGISTICS in Medan serving goods sent to various destinations from Medan to Jakarta. Goods delivery services for Jakarta to Medan and major cities throughout Indonesia.

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