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expedition surabaya makassar– often you worry that your goods will be late on long trips, especially since the distances between Surabaya and Makassar are far enough that your goods will not arrive on time. Not to mention that it was exacerbated by bad weather, traffic jams on the way and errors in shipping goods. As an entrepreneur you are certainly at a loss with this. Just imagine if you are ordering raw materials for production and then these raw materials arrive late which makes you unable to run your production. Not to mention if there is a delay in delivering goods to your costumers, you may not be selected for your next tender. Don’t want that to happen do you? Pay attention to this so that your goods can arrive on time.

1. How to get your stuff to arrive on time


  • Check estimated time

Each expedition service has a different estimated time, check your estimated time so you can find out whether your item will arrive on time.


  • Please select the type of air delivery

This type of air delivery is quite expensive, but this service can send goods faster because it uses an airplane. If you are under pressure to deliver goods quickly, you can choose the type of air delivery.


  • Send your goods in the morning

If you want the goods you send to arrive quickly, try to deliver or pick up the goods in the morning. So that your goods are processed quickly by the expeditionary party on the same day.


  • Choose a Fast Response Expedited Service

Look for fast response shipping services, avoid choosing expedition services that are difficult to contact, because with fast response services we as customers will be easier to contact.


2.Surabaya Makassar expedition services

Seeing the development of Surabaya Makassar expedition services which is getting faster, and considering the flow of goods going in and out in all parts of Indonesia with increasing intensity. Making many people look for Surabaya Makassar shipping services. Mitralogistics company in Surabaya is here to provide shipping solutions to business or individual customers. With affordable costs, a Mitralogistics company can be a choice for Surabaya to Makassar expedition services. There are many types of Surabaya Makassar shipping, namely Surabaya Makassar freight forwarding services, Surabaya Makassar house moving services, Surabaya Makassar office moving services, car shipping services and cheap cargo shipping services Surabaya Makassar.

3.Cheap cargo Surabaya Makassar

You need a cheap Surabaya Makassar shipping service that can send a lot of goods, cargo services are the solution. cargo Surabaya Makassar is the right choice for those of you who want to save on shipping costs. Even if you want to save money, don’t carelessly choose cargo services, choose cargo services that have the best testimonials with the best quality service. Mitralogistics is the right choice because we already have experienced professionals and professionals in shipping that provide the best quality, security, speed and punctuality of your delivery.

4.services that should be in the Surabaya Makassar expedition service

Not all expedition services have the most complete service. You have to make sure if the expedition you choose has the services you need. The expedition service that offers the most complete service is Mitralogistics.

  • Door to Door

Door to door is a type of service where your goods will be picked up by our team and will be delivered to the destination location.

  • Door to Port

Door to door is a service for shipping goods from the sender’s address to the port or airport. After arriving at the port location, the goods will be picked up by the recipient himself.

  • Port to Port

this service doesn’t pick up the goods to your place, but you yourself have to deliver your goods to the office or to the port, and you yourself have to take care of the necessary documents. And it is the recipient who will pick up the goods at the port.

  • Port to Door

the opposite of Door To Port, namely goods delivery services that have been delivered to the port or to the airport. After arriving at the port location, the goods will be taken by our team and then delivered to the destination.

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5.The type of process for shipping goods to Surabaya, Makassar

When choosing an expeditionary service, pay attention to the type of shipping process so you can easily monitor the location of your goods, Mitralogistic will have the most complete process for us sending goods to our customers:

  • loading

Loading is usually known as the process of putting consignment goods into a transportation truck.

  • Unloading

The unloading process is the opposite of the loading process in which the goods will be removed from the truck or from the shipping transportation.

  • Packing

Packing is a process where the goods to be sent will be packed first for the safety of the delivered goods so that no damage occurs during the delivery.

  • trucking

Trucking is the process of tracking your shipments, this is done so that you know the position of your goods and can reduce your worries.

  • Surveys

The survey is a very important and very useful process, the survey process is carried out by checking your shipment before shipping, the thing to check is the volume of the goods and the weight capacity of the goods, so we can conclude the shipping rates.

6.Expedition Rates from Surabaya to Makassar

For expedition rates from the city of Surabaya to Makassar, it varies, now for those of you who are looking for shipping service rates, you can directly check the rates below

Check rates



Type of city delivery

Redeem sparingly

165 thousand per 50kg     Surabaya – makassar   Semarang –       jakarta
Cheap redemption 3000 per kg
super redeem 4000 per kg

There are 3 types of promos for you, namely thrifty redemption promos, cheap redemption promos and super redemption which you can adjust according to your needs, I recommend thrifty redeem promos because you only pay 165 thousand for 50 kg shipping which is only valid once sent. If you want to send goods more than 100 kg, we also have a promo package that can save your pocket, namely a thrifty redemption package that only pays 3000 per kg with port to door service and a super redemption package of 4000 per kg which already includes door to door services.  

Frequently asked questions when ordering delivery services:

1. How to calculate the Weight of Goods Volume of cargo from Surabaya to Makassar?

Most of the items sent via cargo expeditions will be calculated using volume weight because they take up quite a lot of space. Items that are usually counted using volumetric weight are items packed in boxes/cardboards, wooden packing, items that have empty space on the inside, items that are irregular in shape, and many more. Volume weight will be used as the basis for calculating cargo rates if it is higher than the actual weight (scales), therefore it is important for those of you who will use the services of a Surabaya Makassar cargo expedition to calculate volume weight.

The volume weight formula at Mitralogistics is:

Volume Weight Formula

rumus perhitungan volume via:

  • Land = (p x l x t)/4000
  • Sea = (p x l x t)/4000
  • Air = (p x l x t)/6000

2.What is the name of a freight forwarding service that can send goods with many types of delivery?

Logistics partners are experienced and professional freight forwarding services from shipping by land, by sea and by air. With reliable services for your goods delivery needs, we make this commitment a reality.

3.How to send goods to costumers at Mitralogistics?

How to send customer goods: 1.Chat our customer service on whatsapps 0812-6210-4995 a/n Cut Ayu 2.Pack your goods according to the type of goods neatly 3.Wait for our team to pick up the item to your place (after receiving confirmation from our customer service) 4.Goods will be weighed by our team 5.after all the processes are complete, you can ask for a receipt from the expedition service. Use the delivery receipt 6.to check the delivery status of your goods on the website, you can also ask our customer service about the status of the goods delivery. 7.Goods will be delivered to your destination.

4.How to choose packing for shipping goods from Surabaya to Makassar?

pack your goods according to the type of goods, you can use standard packing of goods for non-perishable goods or you can also use wooden packing with bubble wrap for perishable goods.

5.What is the name of the expedition that provides Surabaya-Makassar packing services?

MITRALOGISTICS also provides packing services for shipping from Surabaya to Makassar, so you don’t have to bother sending goods because you can use packing services from MITRALOGISTICS for safer packaging of goods.

Contact us

So from that now you don’t have to bother anymore because you can immediately book now with our customer service, then we will immediately execute or pick up your shipment, which is sure to be safe and guaranteed. contact

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