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Surabaya Ambon Expedition – as an entrepreneur, of course you need a shipping service that can deliver goods to all cities, including Surabaya Ambon shipping. Looking for Surabaya Ambon freight forwarding services is very easy, there are many choices of Surabaya Ambon shipping services on the internet.

If you are looking for the cheapest Surabaya Ambon expedition you can choose Mitralogistics because we serve all types of cheap goods delivery with the best quality, Mitralogistics provides shipping services from Surabaya to Ambon City, we are a shipping service company or expedition service that can reach all cities in Indonesia. Indonesia. One example is the Surabaya Ambon expedition service.

The best Surabaya Ambon Expedition Services

When you want to send goods, choose the best expedition service. Pay attention to the advantages that Surabaya Ambon goods delivery services have. Mitralogistics can be your choice because Mitralogistics:

  1. Cheap rates according to the quality providedMITRALOGISTICS always provides low rates for all customers in the community.
  1. Timely DeliveryDelivery on time to meet the quality of service and customer satisfaction.
  1. Customer Service Fast ResponseMitralogistics has Customer Service that is always ready to answer and fast response in answering questions from you at any time.
  1. Full Service FacilityMitralogistics has many types of services that can meet the needs of shipping your goods to all regions in Indonesia.As a company that has been in the shipping service for a long time. Mitralogistics is a Surabaya Ambon expedition service which is one of the best providers in Indonesia.Logistics partners have several access routes for the Surabaya expedition to Ambon city, including the Surabaya Ambon expedition via land, via sea, via air. In addition to providing Surabaya Ambon expedition services, here we also provide home or office goods moving services. And also we provide motorbike and car delivery services and many others.

    If you are interested in sending goods, don’t forget to pack your goods according to the type of goods you are.

How to choose packing materials according to the type of goods:

Don’t make the wrong choice of packing materials because each item requires different protection for the safety of the goods, therefore, choose a packing material according to the type of goods

  1. Cardboard boxThis cardboard packing material is often used to pack goods, namely books, clothing, food and others.
  2. PlasticThis type of packing consists of bubble plastic, stretch plastic, plastic bags used to wrap beauty products, food, beverages and electronic products.
  1. StyrofoamUsually this type of packing material is used to wrap breakable items, such as glass, plates and electronic goods.
  1. WoodThis type of wood packing material is used to pack large and heavy items such as: machinery, vehicles, and household appliances.
  1. ClothFabric packing is usually used for items that break easily or are prone to scratches.
  1. Bubble wrapThis type of material uses a material made of plastic which has air bubbles which are usually used to protect fragile items such as glass or ceramics.
  1. PaperThis material is usually used to protect items that are easily scratched or scratched such as electronic products and jewelry.
  1. Foam

    This material is used to protect items that are easily broken or prone to impact, such as electronic goods and musical instruments.

    If you are lazy to pack goods and you don’t want to be complicated in choosing and looking for packing materials, you can choose packing services from Mitralogistics because Mitralogistics will provide the cheapest packing service.

    If you want to order delivery services and packing services, you can directly contact our customer service.

Mitralogistics packing rates

Our packing rates are:

  1. Standard wooden packingThis standard wood packing rate depends on the dimensions of the goods with the following examples:

P + L + T  x 2.000 : 3 = Rp…………….

The dimensions of the items that will be packed first are added 10 cm because the increase in wood will also increase the size of each dimension.

For example: The original dimensions of the refrigerator are 70 x 70 x 150, so the calculation method is:

P + L + T  x 2.000 : 3 = Rp…………….

80 + 80 + 160 : 3 = ……………….

Then the packing fee = Rp 213.333

  1. Full packing feeThe cost of full packing is usually special packing which usually has special considerations because usually the unit price is expensive and very risky or if it is knocked over it will be easily damaged, therefore we recommend packing in full with the following examples:With shipping rates, the prospective customer must know the actual weight/cubication of the item. Where the cost depends on cubication. 1 cubication (cbm) is 250kg, where if you already know the weight of the goods, then the cubication of the goods is also calculated with the formula:

P x L x T : 1.000.000 = ………….. cbm

Where the cost is 1 Cubic (Minimum) is IDR 700,000

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Expedition Rates Surabaya Ambon Mitra Logistics

Are you looking for promo rates for Surabaya Ambon delivery? Here.. here.. we have cheap rates. We have two special promo packages especially for you

Promotional packagesPromo priceDelivery area
Cheap redeem5.300Surabaya – AmbonAmbon – Surabaya
Redeem sparingly6.000

Promo packagePromo priceDelivery areaCheap redemption5,300Surabaya – AmbonAmbon – SurabayaBuy save6,000

Who’s afraid to send goods from Surabaya to Ambon? Now we have a cheap shipping promo with free services that you can choose from, cheap redemption packages are suitable for those of you who want to send goods with a mediocre budget, only paying 5,300 you can send goods from Surabaya to Ambon and get free port to door service the advantages of this service the goods will be delivered to the recipient’s house with a minimum order of 50kg.

Then what’s the difference with the redemption saving promo? If the redemption promo is saving, just add 700 rupiah, you can get a door to door service that makes you not have to be tired of delivering goods. So, you only pay 6,000 for your items, we will pick them up for free with a minimum order of 100 kg.

Logistics partners offer Surabaya Ambon expedition services via land, sea and air routes. And we are already known as one of the shipping companies with the cheapest rates in Indonesia.

The cheapest expedition rates at logistics partners are shipping via ground access. By land you can save a little on the costs you incur, but the drawback lies in the estimated time for the goods to reach their destination.

Therefore we also provide delivery via air. However, if you use a service, the capacity provided is usually less.

Therefore we also provide shipping via sea access, which of course the capacity provided is greater than using the others. All the expedition services that we provide are definitely at a cheap rate and of course the best service we provide. For more information, you can click the button below or contact our customer service.

Questions frequently asked by Mitralogistics customers

In sending, of course, there are always questions and concerns for customers in sending their goods as follows:

1.What items can be sent at logistics partners?

Logistics partners can send various types of goods ranging from electronic goods, spare parts, moving goods, project cargo, sending motorcycles, sending cars and many others.

2.Can the Surabaya expedition be picked up at home and how much does it cost?

Of course you can, you don’t need to be afraid in the process of shipping goods. Because logistics partners have door to door service which is definitely free. And now you don’t have to worry if you are busy or don’t have time to take it to the logistics partner’s office. to find out the location of the goods that we send to logistics partners?

if you are worried about your item not arriving. Now you don’t need to worry because the logisitics partner has a tracking feature. To use it, all you have to do is visit our official website, then scroll down and enter your receipt number in the column.

the final word

Those are some reviews about the Surabaya Ambon expedition logistics partner services. Starting from the service provider to questions that are often given by customers.

These are the results of the cheapest Surabaya Ambon expedition article. If you still have questions about the expedition, please contact our customer service immediately. contact the number provided below. We will always be ready to serve you.

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