Surabaya Batam Container expedition services


Surabaya Batam Container Expedition – are you looking for container shipping services from Surabaya to Batam without the hassle? Mitralogistics is the solution Mitralogistics will make shipping your container easier and more practical, of course.


how to send container goods at the Surabaya batam container expedition

Many people ask how to send container goods from Surabaya to Batam? The following admin will give tips on ordering containers to send goods from the city of Surabaya to Batam.

1.Choose a trusted container shipping service, you can rely on Mitralogistics because Mitralogistics has experience in shipping containers in a good and professional manner.
2.Determine the type of container you need
3.Determine the quantity and type of goods to be delivered
4.Schedule delivery date
5.Prepare the required documents
6.Pack items securely
7.Use insurance services so that shipping containers are increasingly protected from damage or loss of goods.

The best Batam Surabaya container rental service

After doing the method above, you definitely need to rent a Surabaya Batam container that can send containers properly and safely, you can rely on Mitralogistics because Mitralogistics fills containers carefully by ensuring that the goods sent are tightly bound.

In addition, Mitralogistics communicates with partners who are connected from Batam so that container shipping can be prioritized, with good communication, of course, if a problem occurs you can easily contact our customer service team to minimize errors that occur during the shipping process.

The type of container that is often sent from Surabaya to Batam

The types of containers that are usually sent from Surabaya to Batam are:

  1. Container Dry vans.
    Reefer containers.
    Open-top containers.
    Flat rack containers.
    Platform containers.
    Container tanks.
    Container open side.
    High cube containers.

Each type of container has different advantages that you can adjust to your needs.

Surabaya Batam container shipping rates

Who says shipping containers from Surabaya to Batam is expensive? By using Mitralogistics you will get cheap rates which of course include free services from Mitralogistics, namely free surveys, free consultations and free pick up, all of which you can get by clicking the button below.

The final word

Thus the Surabaya Batam container shipping service article, hopefully it can help you send container goods cheaply and safely, if you need information on container shipping and want to ship containers from Surabaya to Batam you can call 08125883387 (Cut Ayu Agustina).

Frequently asked questions

  1. How long does it take to ship a container from Surabaya to Batam?The length of time to send goods from Surabaya to Batam is around 6-15 days depending on the type of transportation chosen.
  1. What are the goods sent using the Surabaya batam container service?The types of goods that are usually sent from Surabaya to Batam are textile goods, electronic goods, machine tools, production goods and others.

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